Export Figures On The Rise For CoolKit.

17 June, 19

CoolKit’s insulated lining kits have been making their mark in the Netherlands thanks to a successful relationship with long-standing customer ClimaRunners.

Netherlands-based refrigerated vehicle converter, ClimaRunners, have been sourcing the CoolKit’s products for several years now and enjoy the strong working relationship that has been built during this time.

ClimaRunners supply refrigerated vehicles into a number of industries including pharmaceuticals, courier and transport, food, drinks and catering in the Benelux region.

Their requirements for a reliable and durable product have led to a growth in CoolKit’s export figures, with a 70% increase in 2018 compared to previous years, and a strong performance so far this year.

Jan Bert Verburg, Director at ClimaRunners, speaks highly of the CoolKit product:

“CoolKit has been a trustworthy supplier of their conversion kits and have allowed us to provide unfailing refrigerated conversions for our customers in the Netherlands. The key factor for using the product is the huge payload improvement offered by the lightweight kit compared to the more traditional methods used here in the Netherlands.

Mark has been our account manager since the start of the relationship, and this has been a significant factor in making sure any product developments are implemented to suit the market as well as an ability to understand our customers’ needs and manufacturer a high-quality product for us to import.”

Mark Beaton, Sales Specialist at CoolKit, explains: “Our insulated lining kits are manufactured using extruded polyester, also known as XPS. This is a rigid insulation formed with polystyrene polymer and fabricated using an extrusion process. The advantages are greater thermal performance, minimal water absorption and high compressive strength, perfect for ClimaRunners’ customers.”

Being Made In Britain accredited, CoolKit take great pride in their manufacturing capabilities, currently exporting their kits in a number of countries including Greece, Malta, Netherlands and Ireland to name a few.

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