New Butters On The Block… The Butterworks Has Scones, Croissants And Crumpets Covered.

3 June, 19

Churned, blended and crafted with serious butter lovers in mind, Softer Butter and Cornish Butter with Cornish Sea Salt crystals from The ButterworksTM bring both convenience and dairy indulgence to the kitchen. Following years of development, working with just two ingredients, the Butter Boffins have created a rich and creamy celebration of Cornwall and an award-winning slightly salted butter that spreads straight from the fridge.

Research undertaken by Campden BRI has shown that this Softer Butter is at least fifty percent softer than all other butter brands when spread straight from the fridge, reflecting The Butterworks’ imagination, innovation and determination to produce a better bit of butter. Using only butter and salt, the Butter Boffins have used their extensive expertise and know-how to develop a churning technique that creates a naturally softer butter, with no artificial colours or flavours added. Rich and well-balanced, Softer Butter is perfect for baking, lunch boxes and speedy sandwiches before heading out.

Inspired by the dramatic Cornish coast and countryside, The Butterworks’ Cornish Butter with Cornish Sea Salt crystals is the ultimate traditional table butter, creamy and delicious however it is enjoyed. Carefully churned in Cornwall, the cream is then hand-salted with Cornish Sea Salt Company sea salt crystals, delivering a mouth-watering crunch and enhancing the butter’s velvety texture.

The Butterworks’ Softer Butter block is available from Morrisons, RRP £2.00 (250g), and Cornish Butter with Cornish Sea Salt crystals is available from Waitrose, RRP £2.00 (250g). Completing The Butterworks’ range, A Blend of Butter with Hillfarm Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is available from Waitrose, RRP £2.00 (250g).

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