Lizi’s launches Super Muesli range as a helping hand for everyday health and wellbeing

21 January, 21

Getting out of bed on the wrong side will be a thing of the past from today as Lizi’s launches its delicious and health boosting SUPER MUESLI range, designed to give you a boost for whatever you need to face that day.

Lizi’s Super Muesli comes in four variants packed full of added vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, B6, B2 and Zinc, as well as good-for-you natural ingredients such as turmeric, barley, hemp, maca powder and quinoa to deliver specific health benefits. The CLEANSE blend helps to neutralise excess free radicals and protect cells, BOOST fights fatigue and boosts the immune system, GLOW helps fight signs of tiredness and keeps hair and nails healthy and FOCUS enhances concentration.

Better yet, Lizi’s Super Muesli delivers the satisfying taste and crunch of the much-loved existing Lizi’s products by using both toasted and untoasted oats. Like Lizi’s famous granola, it is vegan, thanks to the treacle used to add flavour instead of honey. It’s also GL tested, meaning you will feel fuller for longer.

The four packs include:

BOOST – Mango, Papaya & Turmeric: Improving the body’s defenses and boosting the immune system is the inspiration behind this creation. A tropical taste of mango, papaya, carrot and coconut. Toasted oats are combined with turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 help boost the immune system and fight fatigue.

CLEANSE – Cranberry, Raspberry & Cherry: A unique mix of fruity berries used for their antioxidant qualities, seeds, toasted oats and barley flakes. Vitamin C and zinc gives this Muesli super status, helping to neutralise excess free radicals and protect cells.

FOCUS – Hazelnut, Pecan & Maca: Nuts are the superstars behind this Muesli. A trio of hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans, combined with toasted oats, hemp, maca powder and pomegranate seeds. Includes Vitamin B6 and zinc to enhance focus.

GLOW – Fig, Apple & Almond: Imagine muesli super enough to help fight tiredness and keep hair and nails healthy? Glow has Vitamin B2 and selenium, which does exactly that! Red apple, figs and golden raisins serve up a delicious flavour. Almonds, linseeds, toasted oats and quinoa provide the crunch.

With all of us leading increasingly hectic lives, it’s even more important to get a good breakfast and feel like you can take on the world from the get-go. The new Lizi’s Super Muesli range has been expertly created to make you feel a whole lot better from the very first meal of the day, so you can crack on and focus on what needs to be done.

Lizi’s Boost, Glow, Focus and Cleanse Super Muesli is available in Ocado RRP £3.50. Lizi’s Boost, Focus and Glow Super Muesli is available in Waitrose RRP £3.50 for a 400g pack.

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