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15 March, 21

Tea India announces the launch of its Regional Single-Estate Tea Range, four new blends of regional teas sourced from some of the most established tea growers in India. The Regional Single-Estate Tea Range sits alongside Tea India’s popular range of authentic Chai Teas and is the natural next step in offering consumers a broad range of authentically Indian tea blends.

This new range has been designed to enhance those at home tea moments, that have been essential through recent lockdowns, and take the drinker on an exotic journey to the tea gardens of India. To launch the range Tea India invites customers to take part in its wanderlust quiz to see where its teas will take you and to receive a 342 exclusive offer.

Lisa Worthington, Head of Marketing, Tea India comments: “Never before has a sense of wanderlust been so prevalent in our everyday lives and Tea India’s Regional Single-Estate Tea Range taps into that need for travel and the exotic. We have been working with some of India’s most established growers for many years and the launch of this new range is the next natural step for our brand. With four new teas sourced from tea gardens across India, we hope these teas can take our drinkers on a mini journey – all from the comfort of their own home.”

Tea India’s Regional Single Estate Tea Range is available at www.teaindia.co.uk and will be stocked in Ocado from May 2021, as well as in independent food stores across the U.K.

The Specialty Tea Range single estate teas include:

Deliciously dark and aromatic

Our deliciously dark and aromatic Nilgiri is grown high in the Nilgiri Hills, in the southernmost part of India. Sourced from the Craigmore Tea Garden nestled at an elevation of 5,500 feet. The mix of soil and climate provide the perfect conditions for growing some of the world’s finest teas.

Deliciously delicate and citrusy

Known as the champagne of teas, Darjeeling is grown on the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. Sourced from the Badamtam tea garden, only small amounts of this medium bodied, highly aromatic tea is grown each year.

Deliciously malty and strong

Our deliciously malty and strong, single estate, Assam tea is sourced from the Margherita tea gardens – located in the low lying plains of the Brahmaputra River delta. Being grown at low levels gives Assam tea it’s full-bodied, malty taste and a lovely deep coloured liquor.

Kashmiri Kahwa
Deliciously aromatic green tea with cinnamon and rose petals

Our delicious Kashmiri Kahwa is a traditional drink from the Kashmir region of India. Kahwa means ‘sweetened tea’ and is an exotic blend of Indian green tea, infused with herbs and spices.

CSR & Sustainability

Tea India is proud of its close relationships with tea growers in India and the authenticity it brings to all its ranges. As part of its commitment to supporting its growers, all Tea India teas are ethically sourced and RFA approved. Tea India also supports Action Village India to support 900 girls in rural Indian communities to continue their secondary education.

The girls, between 12 and 17 years old, would have to drop out of school without the funds that are provided through support given to Action Village India. Due to discriminatory gender norms, the status of women and girls in certain regions of India remains low. Severe poverty also limits their access to education. Action Village India gives these girls a greater chance of escaping poverty, building their confidence in overcoming barriers, feeling empowered, and living healthier and more productive lives.

The project is based in Jharkhand and Bihar, regions where the levels of education are quite low, particularly for girls. Their education is a step in improving their lives, the lives of their families, and the growth and sustainability of their communities, and we are committed to helping in whatever way we can.

Every cup of tea helps in some way. We hope to continue sharing the girls’ progress through their academic year with our Tea India family, so stay tuned for more!


We love the planet as much as we love a cup of authentically Indian tea. Our tea comes from the earth—without clean water and air and rich soil, we would not be able to create the blends we love to share with you. And we cannot ignore the devastating effects of plastic in our oceans and chemicals in our air. A critical part of our mission is to help protect the environment in whatever way we can. To that end, we have switched all of our teas to biodegradable teabags made a plant-based material called PLA. PLA is derived from wood pulp and vegetable starch, is non-GMO, and is sustainably sourced. It is industrially compostable, meaning the teabag can be put in your food waste or garden waste bins for the council to compost. The foil pouch used to keep our tea bags super fresh inside the carton is also biodegradable and can be put in your council food waste bin.

We do what we can to care for the environment, both at home and in India, where we source our teas. And we are always looking to do more.

Tea India is excited to launch another new tea range in April with a focus on mind, body and soul. Teas include; Sleep, Calm, Digest, Clarity and Immunity – keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon.

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