Introducing the Chocbook: the sweet new device launched just in time for Easter

22 March, 21

Introducing the brand new limited-edition handheld device from Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, the CHOCBOOK*.

Designed as a special treat for mobile workers, key workers, engineers, and… well anyone that needs a sweet new device, the CHOCBOOK fits easily in the hand (although don’t hold on to it for too long).

The CHOCBOOK can be configured to anyone’s unique taste, with a range of designs and form factors – milk, dark or white – via the CHOCBOOK configurator.

Rugged, heat proof and drop proof are not terms you would associate with the CHOCBOOK, like you would other TOUGHBOOK products. However, the CHOCBOOK leads the market in terms of deliciousness and snackability and has been given a 5-star rating by the International Nom Nom association.

Ideally paired with a cup of tea and a nice sit down, it can also be easily integrated into lunch or used as a late-night treat. The possibilities are endless.

Launched just in time for Easter, there’s just 500 CHOCBOOKs available to order for free at Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What people are saying about the CHOCBOOK:

“Having tried and tested many new devices over the years, I can confirm this is the tastiest product by far. It’s definitely not the most durable though, it melted in my mouth (and my hand) and it’s shelf life was much shorter than the typical 5-years+ we see with a TOUGHBOOK device… it only last 5 minutes.”
Daniel Creasey, European Enterprise Marketing Manager, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

“Delicious”, “Snackable”, “we rate it 5 stars”.
The International Nom Nom Association

*Disclaimer: We’re sure you’ve realized by now, but the CHOCBOOK isn’t a ‘real’ device. It is a limited-edition chocolate bar released as part of a promotional giveaway, run by Sharper B2B Marketing, on behalf of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK for Easter.

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