Kelly’s of Cornwall introduces new flavours to coincide with brand refresh

16 March, 21

Kelly’s of Cornwall has launched two new decadent flavours to coincide with its first brand refresh in five years.

Its use of Cornish clotted cream is a key differentiator for the brand within the take home ice cream sector, the cream’s indulgent quality giving it a sense of luxury and decadence. In fact, Kelly’s is the biggest brand in the sector made using whole milk and clotted cream, putting the brand in a strong position to leverage this USP.

In addition, everyday premium tubs, such as Kelly’s, play a key role within the category. Older couple adult dinner is the largest ice cream occasion (27%) and large tubs are the ice cream of choice at almost half of these occasions (48%) , demonstrating consumer demand for flavoursome ice cream tubs.

Its two new flavours are now being rolled out in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide and feature quality ingredients but with a Kelly’s twist:

Kelly’s Clotted Cream & British Raspberry Ripple: Creamy and fruity Clotted Cream & British Raspberry Ripple is made with Cornish whole milk and clotted cream from the West Country’s local dairy herds. British raspberry sauce is swirled through creamy ice cream, and a sprinkling of raspberry pieces are added for good measure.

Kelly’s Chocolate with a hint of Cornish Sea Salt: Chocolate with a hint of Cornish Sea Salt is a true classic with a West Country twist. Made using Cornish whole milk and clotted cream from local dairy herds to produce the creamiest of chocolate ice cream with a sprinkling of sea salt for that extra indulgence. Every scoop is crafted with care, time and a dash of serious Cornish passion.

The ambition of the brand refresh is to communicate Kelly’s impressive quality and taste credentials on and off pack. Not only is its ice cream made in Cornwall using whole milk and clotted cream from West Country dairy herds, but its heritage of over 90 years, its use of traditional production methods and charming Cornish passion all lend themselves to new and exciting brand storytelling.

The updated flavour banners on pack deliver greater flavour differentiation on shelf, and product descriptions on the back of the pack are now much more evocative and engaging, clearly communicating Kelly’s strong dairy credentials. All this serves to make it easier for consumers to identify the Kelly’s flavour they want when in the ice cream aisle, whilst helping consumers understand the full range with the aim of increasing consumption occasions.

The new cream coloured tub looks more contemporary and gives the product greater standout on shelf, whilst the transparent lid has been retained with a visual of the ice cream added to the front of the tub to give consumers better product visibility.

Brunhilde van Antwerp, UK Head of Marketing at Froneri, comments, “Kelly’s is an exciting brand that offers consumers something that other brands do not – delicious Cornish ice cream made with rich clotted cream and passion that comes from 90 years of experience. Kelly’s is a truly trusted brand that has stood the test of time since 1930.

“The brand’s use of the tub format gives it versatility, with its ice cream fitting in perfectly with a range of family occasion. This could be a family dinner at Easter, al fresco dining in summer or an intimate meal for two at Christmas, and consumers can enjoy it on its own either in a bowl or on a cone or as an accompaniment to a dessert.”

The Kelly’s rebrand will also support the The Bumblebee Conservation Trust by drawing attention to the importance of sustainable local farming which will give better, bumblebee friendly pastures.

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