Bling it online for indulgent desserts

12 April, 21

Owners of ice cream parlours, cafes, food service, doughnut shops and small independent bakeries can now turn to Bling for exciting ingredients that will take desserts to the next level, thanks to the launch of a new website that will make sweet dreams become a reality.

Finding inspiration for creating more indulgent and consumer crave-able products couldn’t be easier than clicking on Bling (, part of an international family-owned business that has been making sweet ingredients for food businesses around the world since 1950. The company has gained an established reputation amongst major food manufacturers and service providers for its ability to deliver pioneering decorations, toppings and inclusions for the food industry.

Smaller businesses in the UK will now be able to purchase quality inclusions from Bling, including frozen cookie dough that is not only perfect for making hot cookie dough desserts & adding to bakes such as brownies and muffins – but also safe to eat raw in milkshakes, waffles and sundaes and other snacking favourites. This versatile inclusion doesn’t need to be defrosted overnight, thus saving on time and the need for extra storage space.

Also available from Bling are ingredients such as milk chocolate caramel filled cups, colourful sugar sprinkles, popping candy, praline almonds and pecans for adding new mouth-watering flavour dimensions to cheesecakes, cookies, sponges, trifles, brownies and other goodies. Bling is also offering a tasty introductory 10% discount off first orders – just use the code PR10 at checkout.

All these yummy ingredients are manufactured in the UK and come in affordable pack sizes. The company says using Bling will help independent and artisan businesses bring a wow factor to their menus and meet demand for greater choice on the high street, especially in a time of crisis when consumers are turning to comfort foods.

All Bing products, including traditionally made fudge, moulded chocolate shapes, brownie pieces, cookie dough and praline nuts, are made using natural colours and flavourings in strict allergen controlled, BRC AA Grade facilities.

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