Ice cream collection pays homage to 2020 viral trends – from banana bread to Dalgona coffee

1 April, 21

In 2020, it seemed like everyone had transformed into Mary Berry during lockdown.

Millions across the nation dusted off their mixing bowls and dug out their baking trays in a bid to distract themselves from impending boredom.

Filling our days by jumping on the latest viral trend – Brits baked banana bread, stretched sourdough, and whipped dalgona coffee.

With the end of lockdown in our sights, one ice cream brand believes its time to celebrate and pay homage to the food trends that kept us going in 2020.

Wheyhey, the UK’s first sugar-free ice cream, is testing a trio of new ice cream flavours to reflect last years most popular recipes.

The first flavour set to launch is of course, Banana Bread – achieving viral status with a whopping 45,000 photos of the bake posted in one month alone on Instagram.

Taking the number one spot as BBC Good Food’s most searched recipe ever, ice cream fans can expect a creamy banana serve, boasting broken chunks of moist banana bread throughout.

Next, notoriously known as a challenging bake to master – Sourdough! Torn sourdough chunks rippled throughout vanilla ice cream; this sweet and savoury combo imitates the scent of a baker’s oven upon lifting the lid.

Finally, whether you were used to get your daily caffeine fix from Starbucks or your independent café, watching the world go by from a coffee shop window seemed to be a thing of the past in 2020.

With withdrawal symptoms fully under way, coffee fans started making a delicious new drink at home during lockdown – dalgona coffee.

According to Google Trends, Dalgona Coffee became the most searched coffee drink worldwide, surging by 1,800% in mid-March.

Made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until it becomes thick and creamy, the masterminds at Wheyhey have taken the drink one step further in frozen form.

Brits can expect a light and fluffy coffee flavoured serve, rippled with rich coffee sauce and a whipped cream core.

Dan Kaminski, head of innovation at Wheyhey, commented “Our motto is to live outrageously well – even in lockdown!”

“With light at the end of tunnel, we felt it was about time to reflect on the good and end this period on a sweeter note.”

“This collection pays tribute to a time where the nation rallied together, embraced a new way of life and tried something new – whether it was a success or fail!”
As the product has only entered initial stages of development, a price nor timeline has been set defining when it will become available in stores.

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