INC’s Real Power for Real People campaign shows the “real power” of nuts and dried fruits to millions around the world

The Real Power for Real People dissemination campaign has impacted millions of consumers and showed the “real power” of nuts and dried fruits and its connection to “attitudinal immunity”.

Launched in October 2020, the Real Power for Real People messaging focused on the concept that consuming nuts and dried fruits provides your body with the “real power” needed to face everyday challenges and be immune to everything. The campaign will be expanded during 2021/2022 to reach new audiences and build on the Real Power for Real People concept.

The campaign’s main video, which encourages consumers to add nuts and dried fruits to their daily diet, received over 1,750,000 views on YouTube. The INC also partnered with 30 social media influencers from 17 countries around the world, utilizing their more than 7,000,000 combined followers to further spread the message. In total, influencer posts garnered over 1,500,000 interactions and the campaign’s hashtag #ShareYourNutfruitPower gained over 330 publications.
Moreover, the INC developed a toolkit which enabled INC members to join in and share the Real Power for Real People concept in their own markets. Over 80 INC members signed up to help to spread the goodness of nuts and dried fruits.

INC Executive Director, Goretti Guasch said of the campaign, “Immunity has been pushed to the forefront of all conversations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am thrilled to see the success this campaign has had in positioning nuts and dried fruits as a healthy option for consumers. We are looking forward to what next year will bring and how we can expand on this message.”

There is a renewed focus by the dried fruits and nuts industry globally to show case the benefits of dried fruit consumption, specifically for raisins. In partnership with Hortgro, Raisins South Africa runs a local South African campaign in ‘Get Real, Eat Dried Fruit’ endorsed by the INC. The purpose is specifically grow the awareness amongst the South African consumer on the associated health benefits of dried fruit, as well as its diverse application. (See Dried Fruit South Africa’s webpage –

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