UK surge in delivered home-cooked meals highlights the need for eco-friendly takeaway packaging.

27 May, 21

NoshyCircle the platform that empowers certified home-cooks to create and deliver nutritional dishes to local communities has revealed that using biodegradable and compostable food packaging has been a major benefit for both customers and cooks.

Single use and non-recyclable plastic containers, as well as polystyrene containers have been used by the takeaway and food delivery industry for decades, however they are increasingly being singled out as a major contributor to plastic contamination in the world’s oceans. Recent investigations by London’s home-cooked food platform NoshyCircle showed that home-cooks and customers appreciate the greener packaging offered when a nutritional home cooked dish. NoshyCircle provides biodegradable and compostable food packaging to all its cooks for use.

Processing hundreds of dishes per month, across a range of cuisines including Indian, Pakistani, Thai, Italian, Caribbean etc NoshyCircle is in a prime position to support customers efforts to recycle, reuse or safely dispose of packaging. In recent discussions with customers and cooks, it was clear that using eco-friendly packaging, alongside delivering nutritional, tasty food is one of the reasons that they keep using the service.

Subha Ganesh, founder said, “When I started NoshyCircle it was a passion of mine to ensure that the service would be net zero and as eco-friendly as it possibly could be. In recent discussions with customers and cooks, it’s clear that everyone is conscious of the amount of plastic waste homes can produce. At NoshyCircle we wanted to ensure that not only are our portion sizes ensuring there’s no waste food, but that our packaging was biodegradable and compostable so that it was not contributing to the plastic waste being dumped into the world’s oceans.”

Award winning chef and cooks support eco-friendly packaging for delivered meals.

Since its launch six months ago, more than 30 cooks now use the NoshyCircle platform to provide communities in several London regions with healthy, hot meals. In speaking with some of the cooks, including the award winning, leading Indian Chef, Chef Datta eco-packaging is also a contributing factor to using the platform to create their home-based cooking business.

Chef Datta said, “Clearly NoshyCircle did not have to deal with the added responsibility of food packaging and could have left it for the home cooks to handle it, but it did not. By insisting on their own plastic free, biodegradable packaging, NoshyCircle not only standardises its offering, it also makes a strong case for its eco-friendly ethos.”

Manjula Arumugam of Manju’s Kitchen said, “NoshyCircle’s packaging provides a sustainable and affordable alternative to plastic and foam disposables that have collectively caused untold damage to the environment and adversely impact human health. NoshyCircle’s packaging not only reduces our carbon footprint and our environmental impact but is also beneficial after it has served its purpose as the packaging materials are biodegradable.

Shanjida Islam of Creativefoodcreation concluded, “I think eco-friendly packaging is easily recycled and also safe for an individual’s environment. It makes use of renewable energy, and uses as much recycled material as possible. Also traditional packaging methods and materials contribute to global warming and other environmental issues. Using eco-friendly packaging allows us to reduce the amount of plastic that we use.”

To find out more about NoshyCircles Zero waste mission or food packaging visit or download the app available on both iOS and Android devices.

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