Chep’s sweet partnership with Burton’s Biscuit Co

28 June, 21

FMCG and retail marketplace supply chain specialist CHEP, has announced a three-year contract renewal with Burton’s Biscuit Company (Burton’s), one of the UK’s largest biscuit manufacturers – and creator of Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels. Burton’s is delivering significant additional environmental benefits using CHEP’s Managed Exchange service within its supply chain operation, on top of the already inherently sustainable standard pooled service offer from CHEP.

CHEP’s Managed Exchange (ME) programme is a circular approach to logistics which provides an efficient pooling solution. The manufacturer’s logistics partners collect empty trade quality CHEP pallets from retailers and reuse them without needing to return to a CHEP service centre. It’s an approach Burtons has been using successfully since the offer began.

David Graham, Procurement Manager for Burton’s Biscuit Company, says: “Sustainability through our supply chain is really important to us and partnering with CHEP supports this. By using the ME service we’re saving an additional 66.297 kg CO2/year – which is equivalent to two truck trips around the Earth, so it’s a significant saving.

“Looking ahead we’re working on a new project with CHEP to convert Euro pallets to ME too. This is expected to save a further 20,000 kg CO2/year and 18,000 km in truck movements – the same as driving from the UK to New Zealand. We’ve all got to play our part to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and tackle our carbon footprint.”

With a wide range of supply chain platforms, CHEP works with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) all the way up to household name businesses and international brands.

Matt Quinn, CHEP Vice-President, Northern Europe comments: “We’ve always been confident that our Managed Exchange system, where equipment is continually circulating throughout the supply chain, is good for the environment. We work hard to limit the amount of waste we generate and ensure that any we do create is recycled.

“Food and drinks companies are increasingly focusing on their carbon strategies, with many aiming towards net zero. CHEP pooled pallets streamline supply chains, reduce cost and drive sustainability benefits, mainly by reducing deforestation and CO2 emissions.”

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