Seasonal low-waste dip brand ChicP encourages the nation to spread sustainability

22 July, 21

Founded on a passion for, and a commitment to, sustainable living, ChicP creates delicious dips to counteract the colossal amount of food waste we produce every year in the UK. The brainchild of former chef and female entrepreneur, Hannah McCollum, every ChicP product is made using imperfect and surplus seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown right here in Britain.

On average, 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size. UK households also produce a staggering seven million tonnes of food waste every single year. So, in order to help spread the message of sustainability, ChicP utilises otherwise redundant veggies to produce vitamin-rich dips that have a positive impact on health, as well as the environment.

Perfect for all seasons, the ChicP range includes six beautiful hummus varieties and three unique falafel-inspired bites, each made from raw, seasonal vegetables that are home grown in Britain. Left in their natural state, the veggies infuse every ChicP product with healthy goodness.

Every pot is filled with healthy fats and an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For starters, chickpeas are high in fibre, protein, iron and vitamin B. These tiny yet amazing legumes also improve digestion, aid with weight management and support heart health by lowering cholesterol levels.

Every ChicP product is also completely gluten, sugar, dairy, nut and pesticide-free, and is suitable for vegans and those following a low calorie diet. Delivered in reusable packaging, to encourage a zero waste approach, ChicP’s dips and bites also provide a source of plant-based protein and utilise amazing British ingredients that might otherwise be wasted.

As for flavours, there’s something for everyone. There’s the silky smooth Velvet, the vibrantly inviting Raw Beetroot, Horseradish & Sage, the nutrient-infused Herby, the warming Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric, and the flavour-punching Chilli Pumpkin. Those with a sweet tooth will love ChicP’s Banana & Chocolate dip. Indulgently moreish, it’s great slathered on pancakes or stirred through a warm bowl of porridge!

Ideal for dunking, spreading or dolloping, ChicP is the perfect accompaniment to any autumnal meal. As for the Veggie Bites, these perfectly complement the dip range and come in three distinctive flavours: Sweet Potato & Rosemary, Spinach & Parsley and Beetroot & Apple.

So far, Hannah has rescued over 30,000 ‘wonky’ veggies and is now encouraging the nation to do the same. With an entirely ethical ethos, Hannah is inspiring Brits to use up their old fruit and vegetables at home, by blending their own unique dips.

Available in individual pots and 1kg tubs, ChicP is sold online and in health food stores across the country, including Wholefoods, Ocado, Booths and Amazon Fresh.

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