Daioni organic launches good dairy ready to drink coffee range

12 August, 21

Daioni Organic (www.daioni.co.uk) has launched a range of organic and Fairtrade Ready to Drink Coffee Drinks. The pioneering and sustainable, family-owned business from Wales produces great-tasting and nutrient-dense Good Dairy products with a higher-than-average nutritional profile compared to conventional milk.

Daioni Organic’s Good Dairy Coffee Drinks are made from a delicious blend of the finest milk and coffee available: Daioni Organic’s signature organic milk, which is packed with creamy goodness, and single-origin Fairtrade Arabica coffee, grown in farms in Mexico.

There are three products to choose from, each sold in 330ml recycled cartons (RRP: £2.49), including:

Daioni Organic Caffe Latte Coffee Drink (RRP £2.49): a smooth and balanced coffee drink for those who enjoy the combination of creamy milk with mild coffee. Perfect for on-the-go and breakfast.

Daioni Organic Skinny Latte Coffee Drink (RRP £2.49): offering the same great taste as the original Caffe Latte, but with only 99 calories per serving. It uses skimmed organic milk as a base with less than 1% fat, yet still offering the same creamy mouthfeel. It’s a guilt-free treat for those who are conscious of calories.

Daioni Organic Double Shot Coffee Drink (RRP £2.49) contains two espresso shots in each serving. It fully showcases the authentic flavours from the single-origin high grown Mexican coffee beans. Strong and bold for Mondays and meetings.

The range features no added sugar and is full of health benefits. Daioni Organic’s milk has a higher-than-average nutritional profile, meaning that it is a source of calcium, protein and vitamin B12. The exclusive use of organic ingredients also means that absolutely no agricultural chemical traces are found in the products.

All Daioni Organic products are free from hormones, pesticides, artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and chemical contamination. All products are 100% traceable from farm to fridge and are certified by the British Soil Association.

Daioni Organic only uses Fairtrade and organic coffee beans as part of its mission to support communities across the globe and makes its range with Arabica coffee from Mexico. Arabica coffee is believed to be the first type of coffee cultivated for human consumption and its naturally chocolatey overtones and nutty flavour makes it an excellent companion for Daioni Organic milk. Mexico is known for producing some of the finest and most flavourful organic coffee thanks to its climate and topography. The high altitude farms take pride in growing and harvesting their beans in a more natural way, hand-picking with love and care before roasting.

The Coffee Drinks range is ready-to-drink and is perfect for a range of occasions, from an al-desko pick-me-up to a morning kick-starter. It can be enjoyed just as well on the go as it can at home, and at any time of day, as a pre- or post-workout, or simply as a treat.

The packaging is made from fully renewable sources, including bio-based caps to ensure the brand is meeting the highest sustainability standards.

About Daioni Organic

Daioni Organic (pronounced ‘dye-on-knee’) means ‘goodness’ in Welsh and this is the philosophy at the heart of the family business: its products, and the organic way they are produced, are good for the people that drink them, good for the environment and good for the community too.

Good for you

Daioni Organic’s delicious and nutritious milk is the perfect dairy product for all the family, including children and growing teens. It is packed with all the natural goodness and nutrients, such as calcium, protein and iron, that children need to develop healthily, and without any of the hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals that can be found in non-organic products.

Good for the environment and for the community

Daioni Organic is dedicated to the highest standards of sustainable organic farming practices and treating animals and the environment with the utmost care and respect. A clear commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices lies at the heart of the brand because, quite simply, the good farming leads to nutritious and delicious food.

Daioni Organic’s cows graze on the best possible land meaning they are happy and healthy: the fertile and nutrient-dense pastures of Pembrokeshire, which is enriched by the fresh sea air, the sunshine and plenty of Welsh rain. All of the farms’ organic practices avoid all chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides, working with nature itself to ensure maximum biodiversity by nurturing hedgerows, wildflowers and local wildlife.

The welfare of its herd is at the heart of Daioni Organic’s values. The farms care for over 1,000 dairy cows and exceeds the highest animal welfare standards. All cows are free from hormones and routine antibiotics, are fed on organic, nutrient rich natural grass and graze freely for over 200 days per year. Each cow gets two to three months holiday from milking per year to rest and rejuvenate, helping to ensure the most nutritiously rich and creamy milk possible.

Daioni Organic prides itself in having a personal connection to communities, both locally in Wales and globally where Daioni Organic products are available. It is through nurturing these communities that the brand can truly deliver organic goodness, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and planet. Support provided to the Daioni Organic community includes school programmes and the sponsorship of community events and local sports teams and making donations to schools, hospitals, and elsewhere, which helps communities, especially in developing countries gain access to better nutrition.

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