Hey Pretzel! magical new food additions from Pecan Deluxe

5 August, 21

Sweet innovator Pecan Deluxe has launched pretzel pieces to the market, in a selection of coated and uncoated options suited for a variety of food applications.

Salted, crunchy pretzel pieces are a familiar sight in the snacking aisle and a welcome accompaniment to a cool glass of beer, but they’ve also been making a stealthy inroad into the world of desserts where they add desirable savoury notes to trending confections like ice cream & chocolate bars.

The new crushed pretzel range consists of 3 variants (all of which are nut & sesame free): regular uncoated, milk chocolate coated and barrier coated with cocoa butter. These latter options are perfectly suited for adding to foods where moisture is present, with the coating adding a layer of protection to maintain that characteristic crunchy pretzel texture. The individual pieces measure around 4 to 6mm for the uncoated and cocoa butter coated options, & the chocolate coated pieces range up to approximately 10mm. The sizing is optimal for adding that unique pretzel experience to foods when used as either an inclusion or topping. The chocolate coated pieces are particularly good as a stand-alone foodstuff with limitless snacking potential.

Hannah White, Pecan Deluxe Business Development Manager said: “We’re excited to share these new products with both existing and new customers and we can’t wait to see all the different ways they plan to use them. We’ve tested them in ice cream, layered desserts, breakfast cereal & yoghurt, and on cheesecake, doughnuts and frosted muffins & honestly, we haven’t found anything yet that they don’t work with!”

Pecan Deluxe is renowned for being a leading supplier to dessert, bakery and snacking sectors in Europe, Middle East & Africa, with an extensive range of innovative inclusions, including cookie dough, fudge, moulded chocolate shapes, brownie pieces and praline nuts, to name just a few, that enable manufacturers to add new tastes, colour and texture sensations to elevate their products.

All Pecan Deluxe products made using natural colours and flavourings in strict allergen controlled, BRC AA Grade facilities. The company is constantly innovating to develop new flavours and textures and can create bespoke products tailor-made to customers’ requirements.

For more information, visit www.pecandeluxe.com

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