Kooky launches super fruit snacks with 100 calories or less

4 August, 21

A fruity new brand is bringing high taste, low-calorie super fruit snacks to the UK market, providing consumers with delicious and convenient snacks they’ll look forward to eating.

Launched last month, Kooky’s quirky product range of super fruits includes freeze-dried, light and crispy jackfruit, mango and mangosteen, and gently dried, soft and chewy banana and dragon fruit. Sustainably sourced in Thailand and naturally dried with absolutely nothing added, the beautifully unusual snacks are 100% fruit and comprise one of your five-a-day.

With fewer than 45 calories in each pack of freeze-dried fruit and less than 90 calories in each pack of gently dried fruit, the snacks are as guilt-free as they are full of flavour.

Conveniently packaged for on-the-go snacking, Kooky’s offerings are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which will keep customers looking and feeling great whilst bringing the best fruits of the East to the West.

With an assortment of tasty, tropical flavours to choose from, these healthy and magical mouthfuls of fruity goodness will tantalise any tastebud. Varied textures and health benefits ranging from immune, digestive, cardiovascular to beauty make Kooky’s snacks as exciting as they are beneficial to eat.

Born out of the founders’ desire to share the beauty and benefits of exotic super fruits in ways people haven’t experienced before, Kooky is the brainchild of two mothers: Aline Burgmann and Deena Tan.

Bonding over their Asian roots and Western upbringings at the school gates, they recognised a shared passion for exotic fruit. The duo created Kooky, intending to bring a carefully curated selection of South-East Asian fruit to the UK by utilising unique relationships with Thai farmers to empower local producers.

Discussing the new business venture, Deena said, “We aim to introduce consumers to a different taste palate and broaden their minds with a variety of uncommon fruits that are beautifully unusual, just like how we are all unique in our ways. We hope that customers will embrace and enjoy our offerings – not only for their antioxidant and nutrient-rich profiles but also for their unusual and quirky physical appearance, eye-catching colours and unique flavours.

We also hope to dispel the myth that low-calorie snacks must be unsatisfying and lacking in taste. There are plenty of healthy, low-calorie snacks that are as tasty as they are filling. Our Kooky products certainly fall into this category!” Deena concluded.

Kooky’s products come in boxes of 5 packs, with prices starting at £10.25. The boxes can be bought online via Kooky’s online ‘frui-tique’ www.iamkooky.com with exciting plans to be introduced in various retailers nationwide soon.

A special launch discount of 15% will apply to all orders made before 15th October 2021.

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