Coop Food Group and Volumatic partner with cash handling solutions to prioritise colleague safety

16 September, 21

Volumatic and Coop Food Group have been rolling out the SmartCash solution across all 2,600 Coop stores during the last 12 months.

In the wake of the pandemic, SmartCash, a one-touch cash handling solution with Volumatic’s CCi device, has helped protect Coop store colleagues by minimising cash contact while eliminating forgeries, reducing theft risk, and minimising banking errors for the business.

SmartCash focuses on creating a safer, more secure environment for Coop store colleagues. All the while, saving colleagues and store managers hours in managing cash so that they can dedicate more time to their customers and create a safer, more enjoyable shopping experience for all.

Already, SmartCash has received high praise from Coop stores, with managers benefitting from more efficient banking processes. At the same time, colleagues are able to reduce till errors, confidently answer customer change queries and minimising cash contact to just ‘one touch’.

“SmartCash has come at the best possible time when we’ve been prioritising both customer and colleague safety. With one-touch cash handling, our colleagues feel much safer, while the reduced risk of theft creates a secure work environment for all,” said Caroline McMahon, Coop’s SmartCash Project Lead.

“It has been a pleasure rolling out SmartCash with Volumatic’s CCi solution across Coop stores. We have worked hard to make the rollout as stress-free as possible for what has been a challenging year for many store colleagues, and we are thrilled to see how stores are already realising significant benefits from reducing cash contact to eliminating forgeries and preventing till theft and errors,” said Mike Severs, Sales and Marketing Director at Volumatic.

With SmartCash, Coop stores will benefit from;

· Significant cost-saving through more efficient cash handling practices

· Forgery detection and elimination

· Enhanced security at the point of sale

· One-touch cash contact for colleague safety and efficiency

· Fewer till errors and cash handling mistakes, meaning huge reductions in cash loss.

· Time-saving during the banking process, allowing more time for greater customer focus.

SmartCash and Volumatic’s cash handling solutions provides colleagues safety, cost saving, forgery detection, and error minimisation.

Volumatic recently released a white paper detailing consumer research on how important it is for stores to offer payment choice.

Over the last year, Volumatic has been keeping a close eye on the changing nature of payment in the retail sector. Working closely with leading retail clients such as Coop Food, Volumatic has access to real-time payment data across the retail landscape. By collaborating with leading industry figures such as the Bank of England, Volumatic has produced an in-depth report on how Covid has impacted cash and what this means for the future of retail payment.

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