O’christmas tree, o’christmas tree how delicious are thy branches!

10 November, 21

Montezuma’s, the extraordinary chocolate company, has a long-standing history in creating unique innovations that will surprise and delight any chocolate lover, particularly during the festive season.

The Montezuma’s chocolate Christmas tree is totally handmade and hand decorated using an impressive 1600g of milk, white and dark chocolate and is decorated with gold foil leaf for the perfect finishing touch. Montezuma’s Chocolatier, Caitlin Paxton, created the tree as a centre piece for her Christmas table, but Montezuma’s loved it so much they asked her to make them for Montezuma’s! Each tree is individually cast, and painted so no two trees are the same. It’s the perfect way to taste the magic of Montezuma’s this Christmas.

Montezuma’s are all about demonstrating its chocolate mastery and creating delicious chocolate showstoppers with the best chocolate, all handmade and with great precision. Each Montezuma’s tree creation includes approximately 18 bars of chocolate and takes over four hours to create.

Caitlin Paxton, Chocolatier and Pâtissier comments: ‘’I’m so excited to see my handcrafted, chocolate Christmas trees showcased this festive season. It’s been a real labour of love, imagining the different Christmas settings the trees will adorn and the smiles they will bring to people’s faces.”

Given the last couple of years, Montezuma’s made it its mission to make this year extra special, focusing on a comforting, traditional Christmas with chocolate treats to delight family and friends. This limited-edition spectacular chocolate Christmas tree will lift the spirits and spread the festive cheer this year!

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