The nation devours 10 million scoops of Oppo ice cream, in just 4 months!

8 November, 21

This summer may not have given us the weather for our favourite frozen delight, but that hasn’t stopped us indulging in this smooth and velvety treat…almost 10 million scoops of it, to be precise according to Oppo Brothers!

The ‘Alt-Ice Cream’ sector continues to boom, and leading the way in the UK, Oppo Brothers, now succeeds both Alpro and Oatly in terms of retail sales value.

Mintel’s latest ice cream report shows that whilst 2020/2021 had its challenges, it also created new opportunities for this sector. The ‘better for you’ options expanded and sales went through the roof, as people were at home and craving frozen treats. However the most prevalent fact was that the consumer still demanded indulgence and flavour, above all else. Which puts Oppo in good stead, whose motto ‘Famous for Flavour, not Calories’ meant that their sales continued to increase, as their loyal fan base and new customers agreed, this wasn’t just a marketing slogan, it was 100% true!

One habit to have emerged from the various lockdowns in 2020/2021, is the surge in online grocery shopping and the urge to reward oneself during this time, with sweet treats, alcohol or takeaways etc. However as life returns to some form of normality, this is naturally starting to waver, which can certainly be seen in the decrease in alcohol sales during summer 2021, which according to Kantar is down by a staggering 3% between June-July. But certainly not for Oppo Brothers, who have served up over 10million scoops of delicious Colombian chocolate, salted caramel, chocolate brownie and pecan praline, being consumed by the nation, in just 4 months!

According to Mintel, a key trend paving the way for the future of the ice cream sector is sustainability, and this is certainly something which Oppo Brothers holds dear to its heart and was one of the building blocks when creating this indulgent treat.

Oppo believes in #GoodTemptation, doing right by people as well as the environment. Oppo sources their milk locally, from cows that are free to roam naturally, and where circular farming methods are used to control waste and secrete it into a local forest to reduce C02 impact.

For every sustainably-managed tree cut down for the packaging, Oppo plants three more, and their packaging plant runs on green energy. Removing the gold foil from Oppo packaging means that it is easier to recycle, and reduces the energy used in producing it. Cocoa farmers are paid above the market rate, and profits are invested into the local community to build schools and other infrastructure.

Oppo’s Founder Charlie Thuillier “People buy Ice cream because it’s an indulgent treat – so Oppo makes sure we deliver on taste and indulgence first – we just happen to have 60% less calories and sugar than regular ice cream”.

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