‘Drink Beautiful’ with Satryna Tequila this Christmas

1 December, 21

This Christmas, Satryna invites you to sip a truly exquisite tequila, a product of female craftsmanship from one of Mexico’s finest distilleries.

With a passion for exceptional quality, Satryna delivers ultra-luxury with an edgy, eclectic individuality. This small-batch tequila originates from a family recipe passed down three generations to the founder’s great granddaughter, Nitzan Marrun.

Some 60 years on from the creation of the recipe used only for the consumption of her family and their friends Nitzan created a brand, designed a beautiful decanter for the liquid and launched this exquisite small batch, ultra-premium tequila.

Satryna is made exclusively from 100% blue weber agave, which is highland grown for 10 to 12 years in the volcanic soils of Jalisco near Guadalajara. Each agave plant is hand nurtured and picked with only the sweetest being selected by the distillery’s Maestro Tequilera, Mireida Cortes. The agave is then steam cooked for 24 hours, allowing the flavours to reach altogether more complex heights, something that’s reflected in the depth of Satryna.

The Maestro Tequilera uses these age-old traditional techniques to give Satryna its distinctive flavour and the liquid is then triple distilled to produce the unmatched smoothness of Satryna. Using French oak barrels from Cognac and American oak barrels from California, this tequila is matured in a truly unique way, adding more complexity to its already vibrant personality.

With two multi award winning expressions of Blanco and Cristalino launched to date and a Reposado and añejo to follow, Cortes highlights that Satryna tequilas have a “complex character with purity and distinctive smoothness”.

Blanco (Triple Distilled) RRP £62.50
This pure, un-aged tequila is crystal clear. Crisp and fresh on the nose, it offers notes of grapefruit, lemon and lime. To taste, Blanco is light with sweet notes of agave, a hint of spice, and a smooth vanilla and almond finish.

Añejo Cristalino (Triple Distilled, Matured) RRP £125

Aged for 18 months using American Oak Barrels and then filtered to attain a crystal clear appearance. The tequila has the complexity and character of an añejo with the crisp, bright nuances of a blanco. Fresh and crisp on the nose with a blend of citrus and sweet agave. The taste is smooth, soft in character with vanilla, balanced perfectly with honey and lingering hints of oak.

Quality flows through both the liquid and the bottle. For the design and name of the brand, Nitzan drew inspiration from La Calavera Catrina, an iconic female figure in Mexico, which has become synonymous with El Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) festival.

“Satryna tequila is mystic and powerful; great care has been taken into every aspect in order to honour my ancestors and their legacy. With every sip we are honouring our family and friends who have passed away,” explains Nitzan.

The ultra-premium bottle features an ornate skull motif in the centre, Aztec patterns on the neck collar, and an intricate metal skull cap, is inspired by Mexican craftsmen from Oaxaca. Each bottle is numbered and signed by Carlos Newton, a descendent of Señor Enrique Newton, friend of Nitzan’s grandfather and the founder of the Tequilera Newton distillery where Satryna continues to be made today.

Every drop of Satryna is delivered in the finest, handcrafted French glass decanter which is decorated with precious metal foils that bring to life the history and flair of Día de Muertos – a nod to Satryna’s own eclectic origins.

Satryna is best served sipped with or without ice. Satryna can also be enjoyed in a 50ml serve with tonic or as a Paloma with pink grapefruit juice, plenty of ice and a slice of grapefruit as a garnish.

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