Meat and dairy ad returns to screens this January

14 December, 21

AHDB’s hugely successful We Eat Balanced campaign returns to national TV screens once again, to highlight the role meat and dairy from the UK play in a balanced and sustainable diet.

The 2022 campaign will kick-start the new year on 4 January and features an inquisitive little girl ‘Nancy’ along with her grandad.

Being broadcast on Channel 4, ITV and Sky as well as on-demand services, the new TV advert focuses on the goodness within red meat and dairy, as a natural source of vitamin B12, produced to world-class standards.

The TV advert will be supported by brand new social assets for Instagram and Facebook which are a playful nod to Nancy’s questions. The campaign website has also had a revamp, and shoppers will see the campaign in supermarket meat and dairy isles. All aimed to reach 90 percent of adults over the month.

AHDB has also worked with farmers from across the UK to make them central to the social campaign, to tell their personal stories of how hard they work to make meat and dairy some of the most sustainable in the world.

AHDB’s Director of Marketing Liam Byrne said: “Our farmers have a great story to tell but have struggled in the past to get them in front of consumers, leading many to become detached from the food they eat, how it is produced and how that fits into protecting the environment. This has led the way for more misinformation and false truths, exacerbated in recent times with the growth of social media.

“The We Eat Balanced campaign seeks to reconnect consumers with their food and demonstrates that if you’d like to make small positive changes for the better, then sourcing your meat and dairy from the UK will mean you’re buying a product with a lower carbon footprint, and produced to some of the highest production standards in the world.

“In addition, meat and dairy both contain vitamin B12, an essential nutrient not naturally present in foods of plant origin, so adding a little meat or dairy to your vegetables will boost the number of vitamins in your meal.”

So far, the campaign has been well received by both consumers and the industry, with some levy payers actively championing the campaign on social media.

Charlie Beaty, a sheep farmer who features in the new social campaign said: “What AHDB have been able to achieve with the campaign so far has been fantastic and has served as a much-needed boost for our industry. I really enjoyed working on this project and can’t wait to see where the campaign goes next.”

As the debate around health & environment continues to take centre stage, AHDB’s latest instalment of its We Eat Balanced campaign will help show more people the positive role of meat and dairy production from the UK in the move towards a healthy and sustainable future.

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