Keep it local: good n’ proper British oat milk

24 January, 22

Do you like to know where your food and drink has come from? Exactly what goes into it? Well, Glebe Farm can answer all these questions and more.

You may recognise the name after their recent court case victory against Oat Drink giant Oatly who had claimed brand infringement. The judge rejected all claims and following this huge success, the family-run British brand is now launching two deliciously smooth oat drinks: Glebe Farm PureOaty Barista, for those at-home coffee drinkers who like to take it up a level (bean grinders, we’re looking at you), and Glebe Farm PureOaty Creamy & Enriched, which is fortified with calcium and vitamins D, B2 & B12, perfect for breakfast, smoothies and baking. Both options are also vegan, gluten-free, and full of fibre and minerals. Aka a natural superfood.

Run by a brother and sister duo from Cambridge, Glebe Farm is all about championing home grown produce. Their humble oats are sourced locally, and then milled and ‘milked’ on the family farm – so they know exactly where their oats have come from and what goes into each carton.

Glebe Farm PureOaty Barista is pure and simple, made from Glebe’s own pure gluten free oats, water, sunflower oil and a trace of salt. Where some competitors may use gums and additives to create a foamable oat milk, with Glebe Farm PureOaty Barista, this is achieved through the careful production process that ensures this oat milk is ideal for a silky smooth barista style coffee.

Glebe Farm PureOaty Creamy & Enriched oat milk comes from an equally simple starting point, but features additional vitamins and calcium for an extra nutritional advantage.

Glebe Farm is home to Britain’s first ever production plant for making oat drink from scratch. And they power it sustainably too, using solar panels and recycled biomass from the farm to provide renewable energy to power the plant. This helps keep their carbon footprint as low as possible – and at only 0.29kg CO2 per litre it is lower than any other oat milk reporting figures in the UK.

In an ‘oat husk’, these milks are about simple ingredients, sustainable farming and rock-bottom food miles!

Glebe Farm Oat Drink will be available to purchase from over x350 Morrisons supermarket stores nationwide from 24th January 2022 at an RRP of £1.80.

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