Boost your morning endorphins and spread good energy with Nut Blend!

4 February, 22

Nut Blend are obsessed with product transparency. Their mood-boosting nut butters are created to help the nation spread good energy. The perfect breakfast pick-me-up to invigorate your morning and feel great from the get-go.

Research shows that eating a good breakfast boosts your energy levels and your ability to concentrate for the day ahead. (**) Whether you spread it on toast, pour it over oats, blend it into a smoothie or just stick a spoonful straight in, Nut Blend’s one-of-a-kind flavours will satisfy all cravings; made with just nuts and a pinch of natural spices – nothing else – with no added sugar or sweetener, no palm oil and no added salt.

As well as being a game-changing alternative to plain nut butters, Nut Blend’s recipes complement any lifestyle you lead. Including vegan, keto, coeliac and free from (such as gluten, dairy and sugar) and are suitable for mums and children. Plus, with just 0.7g naturally occurring sugar and 2.8g protein per serving, literally from the nuts themselves, Nut Blend are one of the only food brands to provide a delicious non-sugar alternative to provide mood boosting fuel (without the crash).

Gabriella Block, Founder of Nut Blend said: “I struggled to find food products on the market that boosted my mood and energy without relying on sugar, including naturally sourced sweeteners. Taking matters into my own hands (literally) I started making my own blends of just nuts and spice, absolutely zero added sugar. The resulting texture and taste was unlike anything I had ever tried – empowering even, like I could take on the world – and I became obsessed with the prospect of sharing this feel-good energy with others.”.

Why not amplify your morning routine with an exclusive Nut Blend Bircher Berry Nut Butter Oats breakfast recipe – both incredibly nutritious and delicious, the only way to start your day.

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