New Flexi-Feb campaign launches

1 February, 22

Around seven in 10 Brits say they could never go fully vegan for Veganuary but were two times more likely to adopt a flexitarian diet, with a fifth considering or already going plant-based one day a week.

The new research from NOMO, the UK’s number one free-from chocolate brand, comes as it announces the launch of Flexi-Feb – a brand new campaign to encourage Brits to incorporate plant-based products into their diet and go flexitarian throughout the month.

As many of us become more environmentally conscious and aware of how changes to diet can affect our lifestyles, a flexitarian diet is being seen as a positive option which can either remain a lifestyle – or be used as a stepping-stone to adopt a fully vegan way of life.

Whilst Brits seem more open than ever to a vegan diet – with double the number thought to have tried Veganuary this year than last – just 7% would consider swapping certain products for vegan alternatives permanently.

That said, NOMO’s research found that the move toward temporary vegan swaps is booming. With Brits most likely to have tried the vegan alternative for chocolate in the past year (38%), with one in five picking up a bar. Whilst the number trying vegan alternatives for meat and cheese grew 19% and 21% respectively.

Flexi-Feb aims to introduce even more Brits to vegan alternatives. With direct swaps – where non-vegan products are relinquished in favour of vegan alternatives – becoming an easy way to adopt a flexitarian lifestyle.

To make the transition a little easier and a little tastier, NOMO is launching a NOMO Mixed Box exclusively available at its online store,

The box of goodies will offer ten delicious flavours available in mainstream confectionery, so it is easier to make direct swaps – they include Hazelnot Smooth, Creamy Choc, Fruit and Crunch, Caramel and Sea Salt and Smooth Caramel. Priced at £8.99, it is the perfect treat box for all sweet cravings throughout Flexi- Feb.  

Jacqueline Tyrrell, Brand Manager at NOMO said: “At NOMO we understand that taking the plunge into veganism can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve launched Flexi-Feb to encourage mainstream consumers to switch to plant-based items, like vegan choc, for the month of February to trial this lifestyle to see if it’s for them.

“We offer all the flavours and formats that are available in mainstream confectionery so it’s easier than ever to make direct swaps. All our products are suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers – and with the variety on offer in our new NOMO Mixed Box, there really will be no missing out!”  

Last year, the UK’s number one free from chocolate brand sold a mammoth 297.9 tonnes of chocolate, the equivalent weight of 24 double decker busses to help it record 52.8% growth in sales since 2020.     

Its wide appeal encompassing both loyal and new customers has helped make it the primary driver of the free from chocolate sector – being purchased twice as often as its competitors on average. 

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