New flavours for chocolate-covered veg-based biscuits Rootles, as brand launches in Asda

4 May, 22

A vegan option and a white chocolate and beetroot flavour have been added to the Rootles range of chocolate-covered, veg-based biscuits.

At the same time, the brand has been launched in nearly 100 Asda stores across the country as part of the supermarket’s new Nurture incubator programme.

The innovative snacks brand, baked with 35% root veg, was launched to satisfy demand for indulgent, guilt-free treats.

Believed to be the only veg-based sweet snack bar on the market, each pack of Rootles contains three crunchy biscuits smothered in delicious chocolate.

And at 121 calories per pack, each pack has fewer calories than many other chocolate snack bars because the biscuits are naturally sweetened by nutritious root veggies including carrot and sweet potato.

Now a vegan dark chocolate flavour featuring crunchy carrot biscuit fingers and a white chocolate and beetroot flavour featuring crunchy pink biscuits naturally flavoured by beetroot have joined the milk chocolate flavour in the Rootles range – meaning there are now three delicious flavours available.

Brand developer Helen Yates, who co-runs Luke Evans Bakery in Riddings in Derbyshire with her husband David, said: “We have developed the vegan option to satisfy the growing demand for dairy-free sweet products and this now replaces our original dark chocolate Rootles. The white chocolate and beetroot Rootles is a completely new concept, combining an appealing taste and look. We feel sure it will go down well with our growing band of customers.

“We’re excited to have launched Rootles into Asda – it’s our first major supermarket listing and represents a significant step forward for the brand.”

Helen has received funded support from Mission Ventures and the Good Food Fund, which identified Rootles as being a winning healthy snack to help fight obesity.

The innovative snacks have been welcomed as a truly ground-breaking concept in the snack world. said: “An unconventional biscuit made using carrot and sweet potato is perhaps an unlikely candidate for a low-calorie chocolate snack, but the result is curiously moreish. The crunchy vegetable-based biscuits have a distinctive flavour and feel more indulgent thanks to a coating of milk or dark chocolate.” It rates Rootles five out of five for creativity and four out of five on taste!

Meanwhile British Baker magazine selected Rootles as one of its top picks of 2021.

Rootles has been chosen by Asda as one of 15 emerging brands to join its Nurture programme – giving the products a platform in stores across the UK and online at As part of the initiative, the brands will receive support and mentorship from Asda’s experts to understand how to work with a large retailer.

Emma Swan, Buying Manager for Emerging Suppliers at Asda, said: “We’re always pleased to support smaller suppliers and get innovative products into the hands of our customers. In Rootles we found something that we had never seen before and are excited to offer them a space on our shelves as part of the Nurture programme.”

Some of the East Midlands area stores stocking the Rootles brand include Derby, West Bridgford, New Ollerton, and Chesterfield.

Recommended retail selling price of Rootles is around £1.19 per 27g pack.

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