Mitigate price rises and meat supply chain pressure with RTP rental from Schoeller Allibert

9 June, 22

Schoeller Allibert, a leading manufacturer of sustainable returnable packaging for the logistics industry, aims to combat price rises in the meat industry with its innovative rental programme.

Under the rental scheme, businesses can rent durable, recycled and recyclable transit packaging for incoming or outgoing meat deliveries. The scheme enables farmers, packers, and retailers to spread the cost of their logistics packaging across their OPEX with no down payment required, leaving businesses free to invest CAPEX in other areas of their business.

Nick James, Sales Director at Schoeller Allibert, explains, “The meat supply chain is under extreme pressure as it tries to cope with demand as prices are rising. Everyone, from farmers to retailers needs to get meat from farm to fork as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our sustainable RTP is a great way to optimise the efficiency in the supply chain and a worthwhile investment. However, we realise that with the current volatility of the market, now is a difficult time to justify a big upfront investment for many in the meat industry.

“This is why our rental scheme is the perfect solution. There is no down payment, and you can start using your packaging right away. We have made the system as flexible as possible to suit the needs of the industry. We offer a diverse range of high-performance large containers, handheld boxes, pallets, and dollies, so there is something for every stage of the supply chain.”

Schoeller Allibert specialises in helping businesses decarbonise their supply chains with recyclable, returnable packaging. With the meat industry under particular scrutiny over its environmental impact, businesses closing the loop on their supply chains with RTP have never been more vital.

James added, “Sustainability and performance do not have to be mutually exclusive. We can all work towards a more efficient supply chain that makes the most out of every resource. This will help keep margins – and the planet – healthy.”

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