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1 June, 22

Caravan, the coffee and all-day dining pioneers who have been at the forefront of the roasting and restaurant scenes for over a decade, are making it even easier to access their great coffee – without the brunch queues. Meet NEW Caravan Coffee Roasters’ Pods: great tasting, planet-friendly, craft coffee at the push of a button.

For years, Caravan Coffee Roasters has been the premium craft coffee of choice for those who know… well, great craft coffee! And now, with coffee pod machines in over 20 million households in the UK, Caravan are bringing their excellent brews to more people than ever before, making craft coffee even easier to enjoy at home with their very own compostable coffee pods.

It’s fair to say coffee pods have had a bad rep; seen as a speedy ‘make do’ at home alternative to espresso, lacking that same great flavour, being bad for the planet and often pushing ethical and sustainable practices to the side lines. Enter Caravan Coffee Roasters pods, which are here to break the mould!

The Caravan team know what makes a great tasting coffee, and they’ve put all this expertise into the new pods, which are sourced, roasted and taste tested in their London HQ just the same as their whole bean and ground coffee.

Caravan Coffee isn’t just about the end product; their sourcing is led by principles that centre the people and environments that produce coffee. Caravan ensures that each batch they roast and each cup they serve helps support the communities they work with and initiatives that drive positive change. These initiatives include their own industry-leading Female Producer Programme, a commitment to sourcing 50% of Caravan’s coffee from female producers, and 1% For The Planet – with 1% of revenue going to environmental causes such as Project Waterfall, which helps provide clean water in Ethiopia, and much more.

There are three different pods available, based on signature Caravan favourites honed through a decade of serving in their restaurants. Caravan’s versatile The Daily and organic Market Blend are both available, as well as their award-winning Decaf, each curated to suit all-day drinking. From your morning espresso or afternoon iced latte, to a post-work espresso martini or after-dinner affogato, there’s something whatever the time of day and it couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s the low-down on what you can expect flavour-wise:

Get to know the pod squad

Daily Blend
● A full-bodied reimagining of the traditional classic coffee, perfect for morning, noon and night. Balanced and smooth with notes of dark chocolate, baking spices and toffee apple, it has a low acidity and clean finish – enjoyable for everyone at all times of the day.

Market Blend
● Caravan’s signature organic espresso blend, this is crafted to highlight lively flavour notes of red apple, milk chocolate and honeycomb. Clarity, sweetness, and a bright-yet-balanced acidity define this blend.

● Not your usual decaf: from the way it’s processed to its distinctive tropical sweetness, it is clean, sweet, and delightfully tasty, with notes of chocolate brownie, maple syrup and poached pear. Just as delicious as its caffeinated counterparts.

Andrea Otte, Caravan Head of Coffee Comments: “When we set our minds to creating our new line of capsule coffees, we decided we were either going to make them exceptionally delicious, or not make them at all. Through many rounds of testing across several months – playing around with different roast profiles, different coffees, different grinds – I think we’ve achieved what we set out to do. These are hands-down the best pods I’ve tried, and believe me, throughout this process I’ve tried quite a few!”

Laura, Caravan Coffee Roasters Founder and CEO Comments: “We are so excited to bring our craft compostable pods to a broader audience than ever before. They have been a long time in the making, and we’ve worked super hard to create something that truly tastes great and is good for the planet too. We cannot wait for you to try them!”

Caravan Coffee Roasters’ Pods are Nespresso compatible. For the best brew and flavour, they recommend always using one capsule per ‘short’ shot on your coffee machine and if you’d like to enjoy a long coffee, they recommend using two capsules.

Caravan Coffee Roasters’ Pods have an RRP of £5.00 for x10 capsules and are available to purchase from and online at Amazon. Join the #CaravanCoffeeClub and show us how you pod.

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