KITCHE takes to the road…

22 July, 22

The home food waste app Kitche is going on the road – literally – as from today two liveried Kitche waste trucks hit the roads in Buckinghamshire, the first time a food waste app has been promoted on the side of food waste trucks.

The Kitche Waste Trucks are part of an ongoing food waste reduction campaign Buckinghamshire Council has been running across the County where it has been promoting and encouraging the use of Kitche.

Kitche is a free and easy to use app that encourages people to eat up the food they buy and only buy food they will eat. People import food from their shopping receipts or by typing a list into the app which then reminds them to use the food they have and suggests recipes to help them do so. The app and the Kitche platform are also packed full of useful food infor-mation, tips and hacks to help busy families make the most of their food shopping, including videos from their in-house Chef. Kitche can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free.

The aims of the campaign are to increase awareness of the amount of good food that ends up in the bin instead of being eaten, and the unnecessary extra cost this puts onto Bucks residents’ shopping bills. Th campaign has been promoted by Buckinghamshire Council across a range of communications channels including its magazine Your Buckinghamshire – and has seen the app already downloaded by hundreds of residents, with many more visiting Kitche’s website and social channels to access recipes and food hacks.

See Attached photo: Alex Vlassopulos, co-founder of Kitche and a Buckinghamshire Council Dennis Eagle Elite 6 waste truck in Kitche livery.

Alex says: “Would you consider throwing this box of fantastic fruit and veg straight into this waste truck? Of course not, but in effect that’s what happens across Buckinghamshire, the UK and even globally. At Kitche, we know it’s hard to balance cooking at home with the amount of food you need to buy; so we designed Kitche to help people cut down on the food they waste and save hundreds of pounds a year on their food bills in a time where the cost of food is drastically rising.

“We’re excited to see our food waste app has made it onto actual waste trucks – and we hope it will help to reduce the amount of food that ends up inside! We enjoy trying new ways to reach people with our partners at Buckinghamshire Council and remain steadfast on a mis-sion to help people cut down on their food bills and reduce avoidable food waste at home.”

Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment added: “Reducing the amount of good food that goes to waste is a major environmental challenge both at a global and at a local level. It takes lots of resources to produce and transport the food we buy, which is all for nothing if the food isn’t eaten. And for the individual, wasting food is literally wasting money – especially at a time of rising pric-es.

“We’re really pleased to be able to promote the Kitche app on our food waste collection trucks. The app is an excellent way to help reduce the food that gets wasted in Bucks, helping individuals and families reduce their environmental footprint while at the same saving them money.”

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