London Packaging Week: The harmony of luxury and sustainability

9 October, 23
With London Packaging Week successfully put to bed for another year, the event has been praised as an outstanding platform for industry leaders to share their expertise and packaging innovations

With London Packaging Week successfully put to bed for another year, the event has been praised as an outstanding platform for industry leaders to share their expertise and packaging innovations, as well as appreciation for its accessible new venue, ExCel London. During the event, our London Packaging Week team caught up with Simon Dipple, Senior Vice President of International Business at Luxury Packaging supplier BellaGiada, who told us about his experience of London Packaging Week and shared valuable insights into the continually evolving world of luxury packaging.

Dipple’ opened the conversation with his thoughts on the show; he said, “It’s been exciting. We’ve made some good connections, and it’s interesting that there seems to be a mix among the visitors.” Noting that attendees ranged from larger organisations to smaller enterprises, showcasing a diverse cross-section of the industry.

Discussion about the evolving packaging landscape naturally gravitated toward sustainability, a central theme in the industry and throughout the event, Dipple said, “As you will hear from most people, sustainability and securing supply chains have become much more important.” Dipple shared BellaGiada’s commitment to this cause, detailing their dedicated investment in new materials over two years. He claimed that these materials, unveiled at the event, have the potential to revolutionise sustainable luxury packaging.

Dipple continued, “We’ve got to deliver luxury packaging materials that excite us as consumers but also don’t harm the planet.”The key for us is that the product must have value.” Emphasising that luxury packaging should seamlessly align with the product’s value and intended use, he said, “It is about the experience; the packaging should be part of that experience.” He added, “Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact. They want to know that they are buying from brands that share their values.”

Exploring the challenges faced by businesses in the packaging industry, Dipple said, “Functionality is still a major concern. Many businesses struggle to come up with creative structural designs that protect and present products effectively.” He added, “That, for me, is a great opportunity for all of us in the packaging industry to use those structural design skills that we’ve got and blend that in with the brand to really create an end product for consumers that meets their expectations” In addition, Dipple underlined the importance of clearly labelled packaging in enabling responsible disposal and recycling, explaining that this not only adds value but also champions environmental responsibility.

When discussing his opinion on the likelihood of packaging sustainability and luxury products successfully coexisting. Dipple said, “I look at all of our packaging from the perspective of myself as a consumer. If I have a high-value whiskey that’s going to stay in my cabinet for two years, I want it in packaging. But, if I’m buying a bottle of whiskey that’s going to be drunk within a few weeks, there’s no necessity for secondary packaging.” Adding, “So, in that respect, for me, it’s a simple equation: Does that product have a lifespan beyond its initial use? If it does, and the experience of unpacking it or keeping it is super important, then extra packaging has a place. If it doesn’t, then we should be removing it.”

As we touched on larger brands, Dipple expressed the importance of adapting to the ever-changing needs of clients and the dynamic trends in the industry that are crucial for success; he said, “In the beauty sector especially, brands are evolving rapidly, and seasonal predictions can change from year to year, the needs for this Christmas will be different than Christmas 2024, for instance. We’re now finding ways to adjust our methodologies so that we’re able to be much more fleet of foot in our production process so that the clients can wait right up until the very last minute. The time scales for production are being reduced, but that’s the right thing to do so that there’s less wastage at the end of the process. That’s a key change that we’ve seen since COVID.”

As the conversation drew to a close, Dipple expanded on the significance of collaboration throughout the supply chain, “The upfront partnership between the brand, marketers, and structural designers is where the magic happens.”

BellaGiada’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, coupled with its dedication to enhancing the consumer experience through innovative packaging solutions, marks it as a leader in the ever-evolving world of luxury packaging.

The success of London Packaging Week is a testament to the industry’s resilience and capacity for innovation. Simon Dipple’s insights on the promising trajectory of sustainability in the luxury packaging industry remind us that beauty and environmental responsibility can indeed coexist in the world of packaging design.

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