Food to go heats up with Bake & Bites from Taylor UK

7 November, 23
New equipment concept provides a complete solution for serving hot food to go

New equipment concept provides a complete solution for serving hot food to go

Taylor has launched its new Bake & Bites food to go concept. This involves combining compact equipment from a selection of top manufacturers to create a flexible workstation for cooking, heating and storing a variety of food.

Bringing hot food to a grab and go or fast service location is a great way to add value to your offering and generate business. Taylor’s Bake & Bites system is built around the Backmaster EB30 from Eloma and the FIT express rapid cook oven from Pratica, plus the Friulinox Combi Station, which can store both hot and cold foods, ready for service. Used together these can cover the preparation of a wide variety of hot products.

The FIT Express combines a dual magnetron microwave with air impingement which allows for the continuous preparation of fresh, chilled or frozen foods with authentic browning on breaded or baked goods. Airflow control uniformly distributes the heat within the oven chamber, ensuring it is at the required temperature throughout. This allows it to cook a breakfast sandwich in 45 seconds, or bone-in chicken wings in just three and a half minutes.

The Backmaster is a powerful bake oven that can be used to prepare fresh bread rolls, croissants and other pastries, bake off products such as sausage rolls, pies and pizza slices, and par-baked breads like baguettes or ciabatta.

Used in combination, the Backmaster and the FIT Express provide a comprehensive range of cooking functions that can be used in areas with limited space. Both appliances feature powerful filter systems that allow them to be operated ventlessly and without extra extraction systems.

Both the Backmaster and the Fit Express feature eye-catching designs that make them ideal for front of house use. The Backmaster has a glass fronted door and internal LEDs that allow customers to see products as they cook. The Fit Express is available in matt black, orange or silver and features a sleek modern design.

Both units are compact enough to be installed on top of the third part of the Bake & Bites concept, the Friulinox combi station. This multifunctional unit combines refrigerated and heated drawers that can be configured with internal dividers to provide simple and safe storage of a range of different products. The top of the cabinet can be used as a worktop for preparing meals.

Together, these three systems allow for enormous flexibility in preparing, storing and cooking a range of products, while ensuring they are kept in perfect condition before, during and after the cooking process.

If further storage is required Taylor also supplies display counters from ISA, which are available in chilled, ambient and heated variants.

To find out more about the Bake & Bites system, as well as the complete portfolio of equipment supplied by Taylor UK, visit

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