Jimmy’s Iced Coffee initiates transition to zero tree packaging

9 November, 23
Jimmy’s, the B-Corp certified Iced Coffee brand, has started trials on the latest packaging innovation made from crop waste.

Jimmy’s, the B-Corp certified Iced Coffee brand, has started trials on the latest packaging innovation made from crop waste. Switching from traditional wood fibre delivery boxes to RAW packaging boxes made from agricultural waste, aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The switch to RAW packaging for delivery boxes is the next step in the brand’s pledge to do better for the people and the planet. The company is motivated by its ethical and environmental beliefs and is committed to operating its business as a force for good which is supported by B Corp certification. The brand already uses endlessly recyclable aluminium cans for the entire range which has saved over 99 tonnes of plastic waste. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee sees the trial with RAW packaging as another important step on its sustainability journey.

RAW packaging is made from agricultural crop waste and is manufactured in exactly the same way as corrugated board, with the same capabilities and recycled in the exact same way, minus the trees. The packaging made from crop waste utilises virgin fibres, providing enhanced strength and durability compared to recycled cardboard boxes. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee can consequently reduce the GSM (grams per square metre) of the boxes, leading to an overall improvement in sustainability. The shift from double wall to single wall boxes not only minimises material usage but also boosts pallet quantities, effectively reducing the carbon footprint.

The final product has the strength of traditional cardboard and adding printing to the material maintains an incredibly high standard. It passed the same ECT and BCT tests that standard cardboard carton undertakes, with the added perk that the paper used to produce the cardboard reduces carbon emissions by 28%.

A life cycle analysis completed on the materials used to create RAW packaging shows that it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, marine safe and compostable. When compared to standard corrugated material RAW packaging is packed with energy saving credentials and ethically sourced, making the partnership between Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and RAW packaging a match made in Mother Nature’s embrace.

Ben Nethersole, Jimmy’s Head of Operations, enthused: “This trial using RAW packaging is an excellent match with our pledge to always do better for the people and the planet. We are dedicated to working with other companies and communities to ensure a better future. We have already worked hard to reduce emissions in our supply chain and this trial will give us the opportunity to reduce them further. We can’t wait to get started with it.”

To learn more about RAW packaging, visit their website https://raw-packaging.co.uk. For more information on Jimmy’s Iced Coffee please visit https://www.jimmysicedcoffee.com/

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