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6 December, 23
Continuing its ongoing journey of bringing fresh innovation and sustainably grown products to the UK

Continuing its ongoing journey of bringing fresh innovation and sustainably grown products to the UK and renowned for supplying the very finest Spanish ingredients, award-winning importer, and boutique wholesaler, Mevalco, has introduced some inspirational new products ready for festive menus and beyond into the New Year.

Partnering with the award-winning, Rooftop Smokehouse, Mevalco is proud to be launching a new range – a unique and flavour-packed selection of smoked foods born on a picturesque rooftop in Barcelona.

The exceptional product line was crafted amidst the camaraderie of good friends and the ambiance of an empty wine cask. Since those early days, Rooftop Smokehouse has grown to swiftly become a leading producer of smoked foods consistently delivering exceptional quality and taste, using exclusively sourced ethical and sustainable ingredients that support local farmers fisheries, and artisans.

Mevalco is offering its customers the following:

Rooftop Smokehouse’ Whole Smoked Chicharrón (pork belly) – a delicious creation that draws inspiration from the timeless tradition of Chicharrón originating in Cadiz, Spain, but with a tantalising smoky twist that sets it apart. Crafted with care and precision, Rooftops Whole Smoked Chicharrón boasts an unparalleled depth of flavour. Each bite is a harmonious blend of tender, succulent belly meat and the enchanting aroma of expertly applied smoke.

Rooftop Anchovies in Smoked Butter – a collaborative masterpiece with Anchoas López, an expert in Cantabrian Sea anchovies, this product pays homage to traditional preservation techniques and unparalleled flavour. These magnificent anchovies are meticulously preserved in a velvety coat of smoked butter, a method deeply rooted in history and time-honoured craftsmanship. While the use of oil for seafood preservation is common knowledge, Rooftop Smokehouse brings back the age-old practice of using butter, a tradition that predates even the oldest culinary methods. Each bite unveils the rich, smoky notes of the butter, harmoniously enhancing the highquality Cantabrian anchovies.

Rooftop Pickled Gherkins Rooftop Smokehouse proudly introduces their exceptional wild-fermented pickled gherkins. Meticulously crafted, these gherkins boast crispness, dill, and pure salt for a distinctive flavour profile. Whether you’re indulging in a classic pastrami sandwich or experimenting with creative pairings. Elevate your dishes with authenticity and flavour, and experience the exceptional quality, crafted with care and a touch of wild fermentation magic.

Rooftop Beer Mustard – an unpasteurised artisan mustard that has been meticulously infused with the rich aroma of beer, creating a condiment that’s both flavourful and aromatic. What sets Rooftop’s Beer Mustard apart is the exceptional quality and craftmanship that goes into every jar that preserves the full spectrum of flavours and aromas, ensuring that each dollop bursts with a lively and robust taste. The ideal accompaniment for a wide range of dishes. Whether you’re savouring our mouth-watering pastrami, indulging in a couple of savoury butifarra sausages or enjoying a barbecued meat feast Rooftops Beer Mustard adds a layer of complexity and depth to each bite.

Commenting on the new range, Mevalco’s Managing Director, David Menendez says:

“We love this range from Rooftops Smokehouse. The products are fabulous and offer our customers something unique and different. They are perfect for sharing boards and menus in many different establishments and give great stand out.

“Furthermore, Rooftops’ ethos mirrors our own in terms of both quality and the importance the team places on sustainable sourcing and working closely with artisan farmers and fisheries.

“We have some delicious serving suggestions too – checking out our brochure on (link) or do talk to our team of chefs if you would like to discuss how we can help energise menus with these products”.

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