Oakland International’s distress load management service supporting Fresh Ways

22 April, 24
Fresh Ways, who specialise in the transportation of perishable goods throughout Europe, with a particular focus on the UK market

Fresh Ways, who specialise in the transportation of perishable goods throughout Europe, with a particular focus on the UK market, is one of the many organisations working closely with total supply chain solutions provider Oakland International to reduce food waste across the supply chain.

Working with UK and global businesses of all sizes for over twenty years Oakland’s accredited distress load management (DLM) service stops good food from going to waste, with a spoiled or distress load being a costly problem for any business and sadly a frequent occurrence across all industries and costing a significant amount of time and money.

Ivan Rigucci, Insurance & Legal Manager of Fresh Ways commented: “Our company transports a wide range of perishable products throughout the UK, including dairy, cheese, cold meats, and fresh pasta, as well as other fresh foods. It is crucial for us to have immediate support in the UK, as the freshness and quality of our products must be maintained during transport and distribution.

“Serving the Food & Beverage market is our core business, and this means ensuring prompt delivery and immediate assistance to minimise potential losses. This commitment was put to the test last year when we faced a significant challenge along the Calais to Dover route when our appointed transporter alerted us to the presence of stowaways in the vehicle. At that moment, we took immediate action to implement the most appropriate measures to safeguard our customers’ goods, focusing on damage minimisation and risk prevention, with the aim of minimising potential losses due to total contamination and delayed damage management.

“As always, Oakland International responded quickly and efficiently to our report, promptly directing us to the hub for goods inspection and thanks to their efforts we were able to minimise losses which otherwise would have been quite significant.”

Oakland International, experts at processing and saving stock, delivers an average recovery rate of 85% per load. Identifying issues and taking the best course of action, Oakland’s DLM service ensures maximum stock is saved, whilst any ‘at risk’ stock is quarantined in line with their HACCP procedure, before secure and sustainable disposal, with a certificate of destruction provided.

BRCGS accredited, and an EHO approved solution for same day or next day treatment of distress loads, Oakland’s DLM service helps companies protect both brand integrity and quality. Trusted by major insurers who can attend Oakland’s site, witness the entire process, and personally verify exact waste and consignment recovery levels, all conforming stock is topped, security taped and reloaded back onto the cleaned and sanitised vehicle for onward delivery to its original destination.

Oakland International’s Distress Load Manager Stuart Pugh commented: “Fresh Ways have been in partnership with Oakland for some years and we hold a mutual respect. Should they experience a distress load we will always do our upmost to accommodate them as both companies are focused on minimising food wastage, redirecting suitable stock for alternative use and ensuring as much Fresh Ways stock remains within the food network.

“Working with likeminded customers such as Fresh Ways is a joy. They’ve invited me to visit their Milan site and we have plans for them to visit Oakland to see how our DLM operation works. No matter the challenge, be it food, non-food, temperature, collapsed pallets, clandestine infiltration, theft, or other contamination, we’re here to help!”

A Certified B Corporation business Oakland International was the first DLM registered and UK recognised service provider to offer inspection and sortation of consignments where product safety was potentially challenged and encompasses approved scientific methods for measuring surface contamination.

Nicola Sorace, CEO of Fresh Ways added: “Oakland has been at our beck and call for many years, and its service is impeccable, producing reports and certificates of disposal recognised by major insurers. Ease of communication and prompt responses have always been key for us.

“We would highly recommend Oakland to any company that, like Fresh Ways, needs a reliable partner to intervene promptly in times of need and help minimise damage to goods with authority. We feel safer knowing that we have Oakland on our side; they have our full confidence, and we will continue to work together.”

Operating 24-hours/7 days a week Oakland International is an authority in direct to consumer, case consolidation, contract packing, storage and distribution, food tempering and brand development support for ambient, chilled, and frozen food, servicing retail, convenience, discount, wholesale and food service markets in the UK and Ireland. They are also working towards becoming the first business within their sector to achieve net zero.

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