Peperami’s ‘Animal’ makes rambunctious return to UK screens

8 April, 24
It's been almost a decade since Peperami’s anarchistic 'Animal' last graced TV screens.

It’s been almost a decade since Peperami’s anarchistic ‘Animal’ last graced TV screens. Research shows that despite this prolonged absence from the advertising spotlight, ‘Animal’ still has a place in the modern world and is firmly embedded in the memories of 81% of UK adults.

The creative kicks off with a desperately bored-looking man stuck in a tedious virtual meeting, his boss droning on and on. Suddenly the man is transported to the inner depths of his mind, where along with floating screens and pie charts, the mischievous ‘Animal’ resides. The ‘Animal’ keenly senses the man’s longing to escape the monotony of meetings and his craving for a snack.

Seizing the moment, the ‘Animal’ shoves an imaginary pie chart into the boss’s mouth and launches into a gleeful chant of ‘meat, meat, meaty meat,’ as the endline comes into focus, ‘Satisfy your animal.’

In a world of constant distractions, virtual meetings, and endless tasks vying for our attention, ‘Animal’s’ triumphant return to TV screens serves as a reminder for us to break free from the monotony, indulge in those smaller moments of pleasure, and reclaim control over our snack choices.

The new work takes ‘Animal’ in a conscientious and empathetic direction by honouring its anarchic spirit and at the same time reintroducing him into people’s lives in a way that doesn’t simply tap into nostalgia but gives him more depth and relevance for the consumer of 2024.

This campaign also highlights Peperami’s diverse range of snacks, including Chicken Bites and Pizza Buns.

Emily Prince at Peperami, said: “The campaign marks a bold step forward for Peperami, building on the brand’s heritage whilst reaffirming our commitment to providing delicious and satisfying snacks for today’s busy adults. With Fearless Union’s creative vision and expertise, we’re confident that ‘Animal’ will captivate audiences once again, reminding them that snacking should be fun and flavourful.”

The new TV and digital campaign was created by Fearless Union.

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