After The Festive Glut, Bottlebrush Ferments Has A Gift For The Gut.

With anti-inflammatory, healing and immunity-boosting properties among its health enhancing credentials, The Purple One from London-based Bottlebrush Ferments is an earthy sauerkraut created with the winter months in mind. Rich in gut-friendly enzymes and probiotics to feed the gut’s microbiome and high in Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, Magnesium and Manganese, The Purple One can help to prepare the stomach for festive excess, ward off seasonal illness and restore the body as New Year resolutions demand a mid-winter health kick.

Red cabbage is at the heart of this sharp and sour sauerkraut, bringing plenty of fibre, bone strengthening calcium and Vitamin A to enhance skin and eye health, while the raw beetroot has high levels of polyphenols, detoxifying betalains and phytonutrients, which can help prevent certain diseases. Gently spiced with warming and aromatic carraway, the shredded raw vegetables are naturally fermented using pink Himalayan rock salt to preserve their natural health properties.

Whether dolloped in turkey sandwiches, served alongside Christmas leftovers, scattered over eggs and avocado or thrown over warming winter salads, The Purple One is a winter refrigerator must-have. Improving the health profile of any meal, this live and raw sauerkraut can help provide balance as the festive feasting takes its toll, while giving the body a boost so it can enter 2020 fighting fit.

The Purple One is available from Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic, as well as online at, RRP £5.50 – £6 (250g) or £7 – £7.50 (500g).

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