Aldi Proves Unicorns Do Exist With Its New Breaded Chicken Animals.

Does your little one refuse to eat anything except chicken nuggets? Keep the tantrums at bay and cruise past that drive-thru, straight to your local Aldi to try the brand-new Breaded Chicken Unicorns (£1.25, 250g).

If you’re looking to add a touch of magic at dinner time, these chicken bites contain succulent and juicy meat coated in a crisp golden crumb, guaranteed to make all your little ones’ dreams come true. With six nuggets per pack, these bites have been made using only 100% British Chicken Breast, but what makes them even better? Aldi promises that no unicorns were harmed in the making of these nugs.

For the young adventurers, the Breaded Chicken Zoo Animals (£1.25, 250g) are a guaranteed hit. Suitably shaped into model elephants and hippos to really knock your little ones’ socks off, these chicken pieces are packed full of protein to help your youngsters grow. What’s more, each will be perfectly crisp in just 12 minutes.

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