Beyond BOPP for Labels.


With unique manufacturing and innovation capabilities, Innovia are striving to offer the labels market value through widening the applications that BOPP can be used for.

Polymer modifications enable fundamental changes in film performance.  Balancing new polymer properties with manufacturing capability can offer exceptional opportunities for BOPP in new markets.

PVC-free film
New 60µm Rayoart™ BOPP clear and white films CGS and WGS for indoor and short term outdoor graphic art applications can be printed by flexographic, screen and UV inkjet processes.  With up to two years outdoor usage (based on QUV testing) they offer viable alternatives to calendared PVC for flat and simple curved graphic applications or pressure sensitive label applications requiring extended outdoor usage.

PET Release Liner Alternative
Rayoweb™ CRS offers improved web stability for conversion through siliconisation processes, adhesive coating and narrow web label printing. High- speed dispensing and waste liner recovery is also greatly increased due to lower film elongation.

BOPP films offer credible environmental benefits over PET through life cycle analyses and offer the opportunity for non-mixed labelstock waste when used in conjunction with a PP facestock.

PE Alternative
Rayoface™ squeezable clear and white films CZFA and WZFA are now available at 51um offering further benefits versus both PE and MDO films for containers requiring squeeze performance.  CZFA offers exceptional market leading clarity.  Both films offer broad FDA and EU food compliance together with high-speed, efficient conversion and enable squeeze containers to retain optimum label aesthetics through their life.

Paper Alternative
Rayoface™ VTT films offer BOPP film performance and the print and aesthetics of paper.  Ideal for labelling applications in wet and humid environments such as Wine and Beverage labels.  Printable through narrow web conversion, Rayoface VTT offers exceptional ink and foil adhesion in difficult environments.

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