Bistrohub targets UK in response to surge in food delivery

Bistrohub, the first system to integrate multiple delivery services and enable restaurants to handle the whole order and delivery process on a single platform, is targeting UK hospitality and catering following the boom in food delivery during the pandemic.

The software allows restaurants to manage all orders from the main delivery services: UBER Eats, JustEat and Deliveroo, as well as integrating with a restaurant’s POS terminals, automating the whole ordering process to prevent errors and reduce workloads.

Demand for home delivery and takeaway food surged during the summer and the £8.5 billion[1] UK market is experiencing significant growth. In October, JustEat reported UK sales up 43% in the third quarter of the year on the same period in 2019, whilst year-to-date, sales are up 27%.

Bistrohub data reveals that outlets able to take orders from several delivery platforms at the same time can increase their sales by an average of 38%.

Uniquely, Bistrohub allows users to change menus, prices and manage restaurant opening hours across all locations and channels from the main dashboard. The software also generates vital data about which channel orders are coming from and which dishes are best sellers.

Bistrohub founder José Luis Romero said: “The boom in food delivery presents a challenge but also a major business opportunity for catering and hospitality operators. UBER Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo have greatly helped restaurants win new customers, especially those taking their first steps in food deliveries.

“However, each service provides the outlet with a tablet for taking orders. None of the systems talk to each other and none of them are set-up to connect with the restaurant’s operations system. Our system solves this problem, improving customer service and profitability.”

Whilst relatively new to the UK, Bistrohub is already being used by several delivery intensive businesses including: sushi and bento specialist Wasabi, The Pizza Room London, Lebanese ‘grab and go’ specialist LebanEats and Indian delivery specialist The Biryani Club.

Pamela Tironi, owner of The Pizza Room said: “We’ve had to rapidly change our model from being a predominately sit in restaurant to delivery only and Bistrohub has helped us manage this change. Feedback from the managers and operations team has been very positive. They particularly enjoy the ability to manage the menus from one place. As we have multiple locations this used to be very complicated as we had to make the changes on several different tablets.”

Romero adds: “Many restaurants adapted to the pandemic and started offering takeaway and delivery services earlier this year. With the one-month lockdown meaning restrictions will be in place for the foreseeable future, we expect to see continued growth in food delivery.

“However, co-ordinating sales from the different delivery platforms with in-house POS orders presents many challenges and can lead to confusion in the kitchen and mistakes or missed orders. Our software allows outlets to consolidate and simplify all their online orders, automating them using a single interface that is integrated with the restaurant’s operations centre so everything is connected and centralised.”

Bistrohub’s market research shows that in restaurants using multiple ordering systems, an average of 14% of orders contain errors. Using the Bistrohub software can eliminate all errors and deliver a reduction in operational costs.

Madrid-based Bistrohub, operates across Europe and is already well established in the competitive Spanish market where the restaurant and catering trade accounts for nearly 6% of GDP.

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