Cherkizovo Group Improves The Environmental Footprint Of It’s Production Facilities.

Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest manufacturer of meat products, has improved the environmental performance of its production facilities. The result comes on the back of a 71% surge in the Company’s investment into environmental protection last year.

In 2019, Cherkizovo Group implemented a number of projects to reduce the environmental impact of its facilities in the Moscow Region and in several regions of the Central Federal District. These included the renovation and modernisation of wastewater treatment plants, the refurbishment of wells and manure removal pipelines and the upgrade of aspiration and ventilation systems. On top of that, some facilities were equipped with energy-efficient lighting. The Company spent over RUB 160 million on these measures.

Investment in projects to reduce harmful emissions, improve wastewater treatment and increase waste recycling totalled RUB 512.4 million in 2019, a rise of 71% on the previous year.

The Group’s energy consumption per unit of output decreased by 3.4% compared to 2018.

Environmental authorities registered a 13% decline in the number of violations by the Company in 2019.

Joining the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs last year allowed Cherkizovo to interact more closely on environmental issues with relevant government agencies, business partners, NGOs, and industry representatives.

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