Cherkizovo Group Joins The National Union Of Meat Processors.

Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant, part of Cherkizovo Group, has joined the National Union of Meat Processors. Union membership will allow the Group to coordinate efforts with other industry players to deal with government agencies.

The Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant is the oldest production facility in the Cherkizovo Group and will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year. Its accession to the National Union of Meat Processors (NUMP) was confirmed during a regular union meeting.

Uniting over 80 meat producers from across Russia, the NUMP is a business advocacy group, which lobbies government agencies on behalf of the meat industry and promotes meat products among consumers.

“The major objective of the Union is to incorporate the majority of Russia’s meat producers into its ranks. Union membership of industry heavyweights, such as the Cherkizovo Group, is an important step towards building a strong business association,” said NUMP Executive Director Ekaterina Luchkina. “We hope that our membership in the Union will facilitate closer interaction between the Group and other industry players and allow us to advance our united industrial agenda with the help of federal and regional government agencies,”

commented Cherkizovo Group’s CEO Sergey Mikhailov.

The Union has been working with the government to abolish some of the redundant and outdated industry regulations and to put forward amendments to the Customs Union’s Technical Regulations. The Union also aims to build greater trust between producers and retail chains.

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