Discover the world of sourdough virtually with baker Aidan Monks

Are you ready to up-your sourdough game this autumn? Are you hungry for more bread knowledge and do want to grow as a home baker?

If you have lots of unanswered baking questions or perhaps even a few baking frustrations, then this virtual course with Britain’s Best Baker will help get you on the right path

Seeing as things are a tiny bit awkward meeting in groups of six or more, we’ve designed brand new sourdough learning programme to help everyone out with their baking dilemmas and handily it’s perfectly socially distanced too as you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home because it’s LIVE and interactive…

This is a virtual baking programme with a difference and even better still if you forget a step or get in a pickle you can watch it again and again, because it’s going to be recorded for posterity…

Join our resident expert bakers Aidan Monks and Dean Fletcher on Sunday, 25th October 2020, for the first of our new interactive virtual sourdough workshops. We can guarantee you’ll be totally inspired to bake better bread!

Don’t worry too much if interactive learning isn’t your thing, because the session will be recorded you can watch it back at your leisure with a glass of wine in hand and take in the information at your pace and simply hit rewind it if you need to back over something.

The first session introduced by Aidan Monks and Catherine Connor will start at 10.00am on Sunday 25th October and run until 3.30pm.

Throughout the day you will learn:

How to make a mother, your starter, and its relationship with baking sourdough
You will discover why flour matters to artisan bakers
Aidan Monks will demonstrate the autolyse methods
You will explore the importance of proving your dough
Scoring the dough successfully
Baking temperatures and approaches
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The new interactive workshop is designed to be fun, informative, and provide you with the opportunity to learn from the experts throughout.

To book your place simply pop into one of the Lovingly Artisan Bakeries at either Altrincham or Plumgarth’s and have a chat with one of the team or email with your daytime phone number and she’ll call you back in person to chat through the aims and objectives of the course.

The workshop fee which includes your tuition on the day, your ingredients for the session and a bespoke bakery tool kit. A selection of Lovingly Artisan bread recipe cards. Two recorded tutorial sessions, which also includes seven pre-recorded tutorials with expert bakers Aidan Monks and Dean Fletcher. Seven short burst Q&A sessions and lots more besides all for just £95.00 per person +Vat

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