Domino’s signs deal with PostTag to increase delivery efficiency

PostTag, the last-mile delivery technology company, today announces a new partnership with Domino’s Pizza Group plc, the nation’s best loved pizza, to enhance the efficiency of its pizza deliveries. All 1,200 Domino’s stores in the UK, will now use the PostTag system following the huge success of a trial in 126 stores in a number of UK cities including; London, Birmingham and Manchester.

The PostTag system uses multiple data sources to ensure delivery drivers get to the right address on the first time, every time. The technology checks, verifies and locates a customer’s precise address as an order is placed, without any additional requirements from the customer or the driver. PostTag analysis of over two and a half million UK addresses shows most other mapping software is inaccurate, with over 45% of addresses on Sav Nav incorrectly located at half the length of a football pitch away.

PostTag will improve upon Domino’s drivers’ already excellent delivery efficiency, ensuring Domino’s customers’ pizzas arrive as fresh from the oven as possible. Each pizza delivery team member will be able to make an extra two deliveries per shift.

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, said:
“Food deliveries have become a vital service and Domino’s has stood at the forefront in feeding the nation through this difficult period. Their drivers have gone above and beyond to ensure that meals are delivered quickly and efficiently to families and frontline workers across the UK. When we emerge from this lockdown, maintaining that level of efficiency, with more cars on the road, becomes difficult. That’s where PostTag comes in.

“Pinpoint destination data is becoming a must-have, where those who deploy a precise system like PostTag have a clear and growing advantage. We are delighted to be working with Domino’s. They have been a longstanding supporter of PostTag and are consistently at the forefront of innovation in the food delivery space.

“Domino’s has set a new standard for efficient, quality food delivery over the past few months. This agreement means that they will maintain this standard. Customers can expect the same speed of delivery they depend on. For Domino’s, its franchisees and delivery drivers the effect is dramatic. Drivers are more efficient and can trust they will be directed to the correct address. For franchisees, they can improve their bottom line and expand their operations. For Domino’s, they dramatically reduce their carbon emissions across the business. Win, win, win.”

Jason Prescott, Head of Corporate Stores & Operations Technology at Domino’s Pizza Group, said:

“It was a privilege to keep our stores open during lockdown and we look forward to continuing to deliver delicious, piping hot pizza to our local communities with our enhanced delivery technology via PostTag. Not only will this ensure faster store to door timings, but the new technology will contribute to reducing our emisions as we look to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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