Easter Favourite Hot Cross Buns Selling Like Hot Cakes.

Despite Easter occurring three weeks later than 2018, sales of hot cross buns are up 40%* at Waitrose & Partners, as shoppers enjoy the wide range of flavour combinations of the classic treat.

In addition to the increase in sales, searches for ‘hot cross buns’ on Waitrose.com are up over 11% on last year for the same week.

This year, with its biggest range to date – which totals 13 different variations to choose from, Waitrose & Partners has introduced some unique flavours to give the seasonal treats some extra spice.

The new range includes Waitrose 1 Elderflower, Lemon and Lovage Hot Cross Buns, which are made using a bespoke Waitrose sourdough, soaked fruit and double cream with elderflower extract, lemon zest and lovage. Also new are the Waitrose 1 Orange, Cranberry & Jasmine Hot Cross Buns made with the same bespoke Waitrose sourdough recipe, but featuring dried cranberries, orange peel and an infusion of Jasmine green tea.

Stuart Owens, Partner & Product Developer says, “We know how much our customers love Hot Cross Buns, so we’ve introduced even more delicious flavour combinations including unexpected ingredients like lovage – an aromatic herb with hints of lemon and anise. There’s nothing more delicious than a toasted bun, smothered in butter with a cup to tea!”

Both versions mentioned are finished with a hand applied cross and are available in branch and online for £1.89 – where you can also find the full range of Hot Cross Buns.

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