Eating Smarter And More Mindfully Is The Key To Being ‘Healthy’.

Eating smarter and more mindfully is the key to feeling healthy, according to recent research from the Waitrose & Partners Food & Drink Report 2018-9 that delved into the nation’s attitudes towards living healthily.

Searches of healthy recipes on have risen by 158% and searches for advice and products including the word ‘healthy’ have risen by 87%. With reporting that visits to its online BMI calculator have increased by 104%, it’s apparent we’re a nation of conscious shoppers on a quest for a ‘healthier’ lifestyle.

But what does being ‘healthy’ mean to Britain? Fad diets are out and mindful eating is in, as the OnePoll research of 2,000 people* showed that 60% of respondents are now more likely to sit down to enjoy their meals mindfully.

Breakfast is also back on the agenda, with Britains shunning a ‘grab and go’ meal as sales of low-sugar granola and muesli ranges are up by 27% at the retailer.

With 29% of us now eating lighter meals in the evening to avoid a ‘food hangover’ and 65% say that staying hydrated is more important to them than it used to be, It’s not just food hangovers we seek to avoid. Nearly half (47%) of respondents say they avoid drinking entirely on weekdays, rising to 55% among 18-24 year olds.

Moira Howie, Health & Nutrition Manager at Waitrose & Partners comments “For decades, leaving the dining table feeling ‘full’ was sign of being well fed, particularly in the post war years. But today, 60% of people find this attitude outdated. They don’t want to feel sluggish and would rather eat smarter and more mindfully to feel healthier. As we look forward to 2019, it’s clear our focus is on a balanced diet and healthy mind and body.”

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