Fat Burning Ambronite Is The New Keto Shake For Modern Day Super Savages.

Finnish nutrition pioneers unveil a new ‘Keto Meal Shake’ offering ketosis with convenience.

February, 2020, Helsinki. Ambronite, the only truly clean plant-based meal replacement brand today launches its Keto Meal Shake, designed for individuals following the ketosis diet and craving healthy nutrition options in under two minutes.

The launch follows a series of well-received innovations in 2019 including super greens that taste great (AmbroGreens), a clean label chewable snack bar (AmbroBite) and an affordable shake (Balanced Meal Shake). Catering to increasingly informed and health-conscious consumers means ongoing innovation for Ambronite, and in 2019 Keto products were high on the list of requested adaptations.

Commenting on the release founder Simo Suoheimo said: “TV programs like Netflix’s ‘The Game Changers’ illustrate that the plant-based diet trend shows no signs of slowing and people experience compelling benefits. However, as online backlash proved there remains a significant amount of misinformation and badly handled data that confuses the facts around plant-based diets.

“We know that Ambronite is not the silver bullet for today’s numerous individual health and global sustainability issues and it’s not intended to replace every meal. But Ambronite does offer convenient, flexible nutrition options that taste great while avoiding the personal and environmental costs of typical fast food. Turning humans and the planet from surviving to thriving has been our mission since day one and with the launch of the Keto Meal Shake, we’re excited to empower a new wave of people to become ‘super’ versions of themselves. For us, junk food is like kryptonite, and Ambronite is always greater than kryptonite.”

Urban professionals who prioritize health and productivity equally are a key customer group with many working in the technology sector. However, the burgeoning keto movement represents a new chapter in consumer nutrition with growing numbers of followers from all walks of life, from sports stars and wellness coaches to explorers and touring DJs. Ambronite helps overcome daily food voids and presents a healthy option for those times when high-quality protein and healthy fats are hard to come by.

Keto Meal Shake Overview
Ambronite Keto Meal Shake delivers a real food meal that is gentle on the stomach and provides over 30 grams of healthy fats including MCTs and Omega-3s and 18 grams of complete plant protein. Each Keto Meal Shake is designed to enhance and maintain natural ketosis, letting users experience the benefits of ketosis faster.

Each meal is guaranteed to quench hunger for four hours. Designed to burn fat and fight cravings as well as support individual health goals including weight loss, stomach and gut health, mental clarity and athletic performance. The meal shake is suitable for most diet profiles and lifestyles; especially low carb and ketogenic, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian plant-based, and vegan as well as the Ambronite Plant-based Thriving Lifestyle.

It’s easy to shake and sip Ambronite Keto Meal Shake with water any time of the day. It’s designed to help kickstart and maintain ketosis, a common challenge for keto newcomers and veterans alike. As a full meal, it satisfies hunger up to four hours. For optimal results, most Ambronite users enjoy a shake for breakfast and lunch.

Key Features and Benefits
The Keto Meal shake boasts 18g of complete plant proteins, BCAAs-Healthy fats including MCTs-Leafy greens & vegetables-Food based vitamins and minerals-Probiotics and digestive enzymes-Vegan & Free of Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and GMOs1 serving (75g) provides 400 kcal and 18g protein Packaging options: 4Full Meals (300g) BagSingle serve (75g) pouch.

Ambronite launched in 2014 via Indiegogo as the platform’s most successful crowdfunding round for a food brand and has since served customers in over 30 countries. Ambronite’s mission is to transform humans and the planet from surviving to thriving, through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. To find out more about Ambronite shakes, bars and juices head to www.ambronite.com

Learn more about the Keto Meal Shake here https://eu.ambronite.com/pages/keto-meal-shake-launch

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