For A Dessert That Can’t Be Beet-en, Just Add Veg!

It’s no wonder there’s such a buzz around vegetables right now as Brits become increasingly health conscious and flexitarian diets move into the mainstream. The once humble vegetable has shaken off its old fashioned image and is being incorporated into everything – from smoothies to sausages – and next up for a veg makeover is the cheesecake.

In a UK supermarket first, Waitrose is set to launch two innovative, sweet vegetable cheesecakes. This twist on the nation’s favourite dessert will be available in – Avocado & Lime and Beetroot & Raspberry.

Samantha Cooke, Waitrose Desserts Product Developer, says, “At Waitrose we are always innovation. Although carrot cake has been around for years and Instagram is filled with chocolate cake recipes using beetroot, we’d not come across vegetables being used more widely in desserts. We knew our customers would love this trend, so decided to start experimenting with ideas for our desserts.

“The inclusion of veg gives these cheesecakes a really bright and bold natural colour, as well as a delicious, creamy texture. For our customers who prefer a dessert that’s not super sweet, these are the perfect option, in fact they contain 30% less sugar than some other Waitrose cheesecakes*.”

The Vegetable Cheesecake Slices will be priced at £4 for two portions and available in Waitrose shops from Wednesday 20th June.

* Comparison with Waitrose New York Cheesecake with Raspberry and Passion Fruit

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