Gut Health Gets Green Light With Clean And Cool Kimchi From Bottlebrush Ferments.

Immune boosting, detoxifying and rich in gut-friendly enzymes and probiotics to feed the gut’s microbiome, The Green One is the latest kimchi to join Bottlebrush Ferments’ range of raw fermented foods. Replacing the usual carrot, red chilli and red pepper powder with cucumber, pak choi and coriander, the London-based start-up has created a fresh, clean and vibrant new version of kimchi for those who want to reap the endless health benefits without the hefty heat of the traditional Korean recipe.

With regulation of blood pressure, reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and optimisation of nutrient absorption among its health enhancing credentials, The Green One brings a lip smacking, mood boosting and satiating accompaniment to any dish. High in vitamin C, prebiotics and bone strengthening manganese and phosphorus, this sharp and layered kimchi is packed with beta carotene-rich Chinese napa cabbage, anti-carcinogenic mooli and cucumber, which boosts levels of vitamin A, B, C and K. Pak choi bring even more greens to the table, along with a mix of essential minerals, while coriander delivers disinfecting, antiseptic and antifungal properties. All of the fresh raw vegetables, including the garlic, ginger and spring onion, are naturally fermented using pink Himalayan rock salt to preserve their natural health properties.

Invigorating, refreshing and versatile, The Green One can improve the health profile of any dish at any time of day, whether served with bacon and eggs, scattered over seafood or dolloped on a salad. The Green One is available from Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic, as well as online at, RRP £6 – £6.50 (250g) or £7.50 – £8.50 (500g).

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