Hop Gets Hip! GEA UK To Debut Brewhouse Range At BeerX 2020.

International technology giant GEA will showcase its Craft Beer Centrifuge at the 2020 BeerX Show taking place at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre from 11 -12th March. Visitors to BeerX can come and see the separator for themselves at stand 90-91, where GEA will also be presenting its vast range of flow components including its hygienic processing pumps and valves.

As a specialist in the field of centrifugal technology, GEA offers separators and decanters for all manner of customer-specific requirements. GEA’s trademark Centrifuge Skids are capable of producing 5 to 10 per cent more beer from the same amount of raw ingredients, optimising the brewing process by the patented hydry® ejection system. The solids ejected with this system are concentrated to a maximum allowing more beer to be obtained from each brew.

In a market increasingly influenced by consumer trends, breweries need to stay ahead of the game as an increasingly health conscious clientele moves towards dealcholised beverages. Removing alcohol down to 0.05 percent ABV, GEA’s AromaPlus system is a cost-effective option due to its energy and water usage efficiency, enabling even small breweries to invest in their own plant. Beer producers needn’t compromise on taste, as the AromaPlus contains spiral-wound, reverse osmosis membranes made of thin polymer, which is permeable to water and alcohol, whilst still allowing ingredients important for taste and body to be retained.

GEA’s brewing machinery is easy to install and maintain, allowing customers to benefit from significantly lower operating costs, whilst still achieving excellent results. Fully compliant with international quality and hygiene standards, GEA’s components and systems are designed to minimise the consumption of natural resources such as energy and water, thus reducing the customer’s environmental footprint.

“We would urge attendees at BeerX 2020 to come and visit us on stand 90-91 to witness GEA’s cutting edge brewhouse technology and discover how we can increase productivity and future-proof craft breweries for generations to come,”

said Steve Smith, GEA UK Business Unit Manager.

GEA’s brewery credentials stretch back 145 years, expanding to cover the entire brewing process. GEA has helped customers around the world to operate more sustainably while keeping up with ever-changing consumer tastes. Known for their durability and careful use of resources, machines across the brewhouse range can be digitally controlled and monitored, allowing intelligent managing of brewery processes.

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