IGD Works With Industry To Ensure Continued Supply Of Essentials To Foodbanks.

IGD, has been working with the food and consumer goods industry, food surplus charity FareShare, and other charitable food redistributors, to safeguard a consistent supply of food to one of the most vulnerable sectors of society in the UK, in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Susan Barratt, CEO of IGD, said:

“Two weeks ago, as the pandemic escalated, and with the support of Defra, we pulled organisations together from our industry to ensure the continued supply of products into foodbanks to help feed a vulnerable section of society.

“I am delighted to say that some 40 companies have stepped forward, with more coming through every day, to offer their support by donating product and funds now and in the coming weeks. It’s a fantastic example of our industry working together to ensure that food can continue to be supplied and distributed through the FareShare, and other charitable food redistributors’ networks. Together we are serving the needs of those who rely so heavily on foodbanks for their daily food essentials.

“FareShare, and the charity food redistributors, are well set up to continue to manage the distribution of food out into the community. IGD is delighted to be able to work closely with these charities to support the coordination of donations in what is a hugely challenging environment for us all.”

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare, said:

“The response from the food industry working together through IGD has yet again showed its values and character in the same way it has responded to the pandemic in fields, factories, distribution warehouses and supermarkets.

“The generosity of these donations and the compassion for those vulnerable and in need is a massive credit to both the food industry and the IGD. FareShare will now coordinate these offers, not just for its own national redistribution network, but also to foodbanks and other charity food redistributors. We have seen more than 500 new charities and community groups register for food in just the last week alone. On behalf of everyone involved in reaching out to those in need in our local communities a massive thank you.”

FareShare will directly contact those companies which have already pledged to help in order to organise next steps.

For companies which would still like to make a pledge please contact us via donations@igd.com

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