Introducing: Cawston Dry.

Cawston Press have launched a new range of sparkling waters for those wanting an everyday go to that’s less sweet than your average soft drink – but much tastier and exciting than plain water.

Available in two flavours, Ginger & Lemon or Raspberry, they’re a simple blend of British sparkling spring water, a twist of Cawston’s pressed juice and natural extracts. No added sugar, no artificial nonsense and no shortcuts.

According to their Head of Taste, Micah Carr Hill,

“Flavoured sparkling waters are seeing huge growth in the UK[1], but they can be austere or taste artificial. So with Cawston Dry, our focus was flavour. Adding a twist of our pressed juice and natural fruit extracts, makes for a much more rounded finish; a refreshing but dry profile that tastes of real fruit. That little splash of our renowned pressed juice makes a big difference.”

Cawston Dry is will be available to buy from Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Amazon and many independents including coffee shops, yoga studios, healthy cafés, gyms and art galleries. The 2 SKUs are available to buy in single 250ml slim can format RSP £1.19.

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