Jack Link’s healthy snack ideas

In 2019, Jack Link’s launched an improved recipe for its delicious Beef Jerky range, delivering a juicier and even more tender bite, responding to consumer demands following rigorous taste tests.

At less than 80 calories per 25g pack, Jack Link’s Jerky fulfils consumer demands for healthier, lower calorie, protein-rich snacks that are also halal suitable. Available in both 25g and 70g bagged formats in various retailers, Jack Link’s Jerky is suited to the afternoon snacking occasion and perfect for on-the-go refuelling, or at home or at work.

Jack Link’s Biltong (25g) – Retails at £1

Jack Link’s also offers a popular biltong SKU made with marinated prime cuts of 100% lean beef, delivering an air-dried artisan snack seasoned using the Jack Link’s special family recipe.
Gluten free and under 80 calories per serving, Jack Link’s Biltong is ideal for afternoon snackers looking to refuel at home, at work or on-the-go.

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